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Water evaporting during cycling; what should I do (if anything)

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11141points) September 14th, 2013

I’m on day 11 of cycling my tank. When I began the process, I added live nitrifying bacteria and fed it Ammonium Chloride to get the ball rolling. This method being a speedy way to cycle ones aquarium. Everything is going well. Ammonia is dropping, and nitrites are dropping, as well. The only issue that I have is that the water is evaporating. It has gone down an inch in my 30 gallon tank.

Is this problem?

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Do you have a hood? I would think it could be an issue because your concentrations are increasing as the volume diminishes. Does that make sense? Probably more of a concern with saltwater setups, but it’s got to have some affect with a freshwater setup.

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That’s the thing, I’m having a hard time finding a hood/lid that’ll fit the top. I have a weird bit of wood trim ‘round the top. I may have to get someone to cut a piece of glass.

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My tank came with a hood, so it helped, especially in Winter when the evaporation was high. It also kept the jumpers in. I learned that the hard way. I think finding a glass shop would be the way to go, so they could customize it. It should open easily and have access for the filters and heater.

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You have a regular shaped tank right? (by that I mean rectangular and not a bow) If so you could get a place like home depot to cut you a piece of glass or acrylic that would fit for rather cheap.

As per the evaporation I’ve had a lot of open topped tanks and during cycling I’ve always just topped them off and it’s never been a problem.

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It seems implied that the tank does not lose that much water normally.

Hydrolysis occurs when bacteria fix nitrogen ( a water molecule is added to break triple N bonds and this results; H^+ and OH^- ), and this is aside from the two part reaction going on which yields ammonia and hydroxide, plus chloride ions. So, some water ” loss ” is expected here and aside from any evaporation.

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Be sure to get tempered glass. You don’t want it to break.

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@snowberry I really wouldn’t worry about that unless you planed on drilling it or something. I’ve had quite a few tanks that were not tempered glass and they’ve been fine.

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Topped ‘er off. Thanks!

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