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What kind of jobs are there in the fire service?

Asked by twiggles90 (85points) April 3rd, 2012

My boyfriend is currently works in the automotive sector, but he’s looking to get away from it. He is also a volunteer firefighter. He doesn’t want to be a paid firefighter, so I said I would look into career options, but all I’m finding is either EMT or firefighter. Anyone know any other careers for Fire service field? He would also like to work on fire trucks, but I’m not sure how to go about getting into that field. Any ideas?

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There are wildfire specialists, the nearby tribe has 3–4 firecrews that do nothing but fight wildfires across the US and Canada.

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Fire inspector. The guy that goes in after a fire and determines what caused the fire.
Insurance companies also have fire insurance specialists to determine how much to pay from fire damage.

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If he likes working on vehicles, he may want to look for a fire truck manufacturer like this one.

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Ok thanks guys!

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so my boyfriend came up with working for breath safe esi compressed air system. any idea where he could go to college to get certified in fixing compressor or working on sprinkler systems?

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He should look at Tech schools in your area. Also he should see if the company has a scholarship or training program that he can apply for.

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