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Have you learned anything this week?

Asked by Trillian (21099points) April 3rd, 2012

I just finished watching a movie which I’ve seen on my Netflix for months. It looked moderately enjoyable but I felt like I was sick of gun toting, loud mouth alpha males, so I kept giving it a miss.
In the meantime I’ve started and stopped several very slow moving, less enjoyable movies which my (stupid) brain told me I would enjoy because of this or that reason but I couldn’t get in to.
This is about the fourth time this exact thing has happened to me with movies that I initially considered and decided against based on my aversion to the whole gun thing. The actual stories were pretty to really good, and the guns were incidental to the stories, not actually gratuitous. I realized that I need to go with my instincts and click the ones that first catch my attention. Learn to listen to the other part of my (not so stupid) brain.
It was like a light came on all around me, with an angelic choir singing an impossibly beautiful chord.
Ok, maybe not all of that, but still, an eye opener on an otherwise average Tuesday night.
Anyone else have any eye openers this week? Or last, I’m not married to this week.

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I learned that my 11 year old daughter will lie to me about what movies she wants to see, in order to spend time with me.

It made me very happy.

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I learned that there are, indeed, crocodiles in the US. They live in Crocodile Lake in Eastern Key Largo.

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I still get a thrill when I flush the great blue heron from my pond. I hadn’t seen him since last fall so I was delighted to spot him yesterday.

My blood work for Lyme disease came back from the lab today as both positive and negative. So the doctor and I agree that the symptoms, their sudden onset and the high density of ticks in my ‘hood point to Doxycycline. It’s as good a way as any to practice medicine, I guess.

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Gun play is very often employed both as a gratuitous visual but more so as a hammer to drive forward the dynamics of highly emotionally charged moments that are often metaphors for basic raw human emotions we all can relate to on many different levels again depending on the directors vision. After shoot-em-up scenes are often some of the most compelling scenes in movies. I always look for that homage the director was attempting to convey with his gun play scenes.

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I learned that leeches have a place in a hospital pharmacy!

Seriously! I thought they were having a joke on me when they told me to check the leech fridge.

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@Blueroses I am jealous as I think the leech therapy is one of the most fascinating limbsaving techniques main stream medicine has embraced! You will witness some very cool things!

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That I shouldn’t have tried to be a hero and just chosen the flat paint the first time around. It’s cheaper, and I had to switch to it anyway after I couldn’t get an even gloss.

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I have learned that there are apparently a shit load of sheeple in the world who don’t have the intelligence to question the bullshit being fed to them.

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I learned how to bake a pie. Still working on how to make it pretty.

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@fundevogel Good for you! What kind did you make?

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I knew that I was allergic to wool sweaters but I could wear cashmere sweaters without a problem. I just learned that cashmere is goat’s wool, not sheep wool. I’m feeling, well, duh-h-h.

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I learned about the Burgess Shale today while reading.

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@Sunny2 Sweet potato! I did a Closet Cooking filling (but with sweet potatoes) and used the Smitten Kitchen crust. I don’t think I would have even tried if I hadn’t found her pie crust posts.

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That dinosaurs are not extinct. No wait, I knew that already.
I learned how to do dispersion for transparent refractive materials in C4D using the spectral channel shader.

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Yes I haven’t.

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@fundevogel Well, on to a whole world of pies! You get the joy of creating something, but it doesn’t hang around to clutter up the place.

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I learned a new word: sheeple.

Thanks @cheebdragon! :p

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My singing teacher recorded my voice yesterday and I learnt that the little faults I believe everyone can hear when I perform are nowhere near as bad as I think. I am convinced the audience notices every time I don’t hit a note quite as clearly as I should or have to catch a sneaky breath in the middle of a phrase but when it was played back to me, I realised that the faults are more obvious in my head than they are to untrained ears. Someone who has studied music and singing may notice but the average person who comes to the type of concerts I sing in wouldn’t. It made me feel a bit less worried about a concert I am singing in at the end of the month.

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I learned that I am no longer intimidated by French wine, even the tiniest bit. That doesn’t mean I understand everything, but it’s becoming easier and easier!

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