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Did I have the very first original boom box in my car?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) April 4th, 2012

My love of music started at a very early age. I knew that my family members were also music lovers, since they listened to country music all the time. No, I was not raised as a country music loving boy. Anyway, one day my dad decided he was going to build me a box, with speakers, to carry in the backseat of my car. I was 16. Little did I realize that I may have had the first “boom box”. It was really something. It contained two 12” Jensen speakers and you could hear it a block away. No wonder I wear hearing aids today. That was in 1956.

Question: was my boom box an original idea or were their others that had the setup in their automobies?

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@john65pennington You may very well have had the first. This site indicates the first was invented by the Woelfel brothers in 1975 and it sounds a great deal like what your Dad put together in 1958.

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