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Can someone help explain this Anti-Discrimination law in South Korea?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) April 5th, 2012

Here is the link. I’m a bit confused because they said a law was passed to help protect sexual orientation and gender identity in the first paragraph.

But then in the second paragraph, it says that they are excluded.

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From what I read, it is because of (surprise surprise) christian opposition and demagoguery.

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So the law has been passed but it’s not in action or being followed basically?

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“A petition, spearheaded by an organization called the Assembly of Scientists Against Embryonic Cloning, was sent to all branches of government claiming that if the bill becomes law, “homosexuals will try to seduce everyone, including adolescents; victims will be forced to become homosexuals; and sexual harassment by homosexuals will increase.”

Basically, gays are everywhere and will try to bugger you if you don’t keep your bum against the wall. Or your children’s bums. In fact, it should probably be legislated that All Koreans Pure of Heart should have their bums superglued to bits of concrete to prevent them from being buggered, and therefore having homosexual thoughts.

Fuck me, people are stupid…

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