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We were double charged for something on Ebay (paid via Paypal), how do we go about getting our money back?

Asked by Jude (32098points) April 6th, 2012

Went to pay $200 for an item on Paypal two weeks ago. Clicked the “pay” button twice as it seemed as though it didn’t go through the first time. Amex bill came back and both charges were on there. We contacted the seller a week ago and he hasn’t gotten back to us. My partner notified Paypal about the double charge. Still waiting to hear anything from them.

Anything else that we could do?

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You should also open a claim with AMEX.

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If you paid with a credit card, which I hope you did, just dispute the charge. EDIT: Oh, AMEX. Sorry. American Express.

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Call Paypal and do not get off the phone with them until they remove the charge. In the past they took a double refund (charged my account twice) for a person that accidentally paid twice. The person on the phone told me to wait a day and said it would “get fixed”. I suggested she get her manager, because I was not hanging up until I got my money back. It was resolved in 15mins.

Paypal’s call center is most certainly located out of the USA. I took that into consideration when I called. If the person doesn’t understand English well, ask for another representative or a manager immediately.

Explain the entire situation from the beginning. Have the item number and be logged into Paypal when you call. Be firm and direct.

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If you paid with PayPal, I will be surprised if you ever actually reach a person & even more surprised if you receive re-imbursement for the double charge. PayPal is very difficult to deal with when they are in the wrong.

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I’ve gotten Paypal on the phone everytime I’ve had an issue @Linda_Owl. Considering @Jude made a purchase through ebay, she can also contact ebay’s customer service to explain the problem and get the refund.

Either route you take @Jude, your money should be refunded ASAP.

Here is the customer service info for Paypal if you don’t get the telephone # through their resolution center. Here is the contact # info for Ebay.

Let me know if you need to be walked through the process.

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Just open a Paypal claim. There’s a link on the Paypal website. It’s easy. Did you look there?

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@MollyMcGuire We did (my partner and I). Still trying. The guy is being difficult.

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@Jude Did you try calling Paypal?

The seller (guy) has no part in this equation. Paypal will put a hold on the seller’s (guy’s) account, and will give you your money back. You were double charged via Paypal, not the seller.

This seriously should be done today. I’d be super firm and threaten to call my credit card company (and would do so if a Paypal manager didn’t assist promptly).

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The transaction was done outside of E-bay. I clicked on payment twice (loading issues the first time), so, it wasn’t a double charge on the seller’s part.

We used my g/f’s paypal (amex). Here is her last email that I sent to the seller just now:

Thank you for your response. My friend opened a case with Paypal, but the only option that she could select was for an “unauthorized transaction.” Paypal investigated the claim and determined that it was not an “unauthorized transaction” but was instead a double payment which I accidentally authorized (the computer wasn’t loading and I clicked the payment button again). If you check your Paypal account you will see that you were paid $193.50 twice for the sign. My friend sent you a copy of Paypal’s response to her at your email address. She would like it if you would refund the extra payment to her Paypal account. She has also submitted a claim to American Express, but it would be better to settle the matter between the two of you. The claim with American Express would then be cancelled.

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Here is what Paypal sent to my g/f:

Dear Nikki M.,

PayPal has completed our investigation of your Unauthorized Transaction
Claim. We are denying your claim because we determined that this is not an
instance of unauthorized account activity, but instead a duplicate payment
initiated by you. We suggest that you contact the payment recipient and
make arrangements to get the duplicate payment back. They can send the
money back to you via PayPal or another method of your choosing.

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This ^email is an example of why I would only call Paypal. You need a live person to deal with this issue.

Since this was out side of ebay, can you report the guy to the Better Business Bureau? (If he has a store somewhere?)

How long does it take Amex to respond? When we’ve had wrong charges on our credit cards, we’ve been refunded with one phone call.

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