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Where can I buy GTA IV songs?

Asked by fortris (683points) May 26th, 2008

I couldn’t find a special edition of GTA IV but I can’t fin any of the songs on iTunes, anyone know where you could fin the songs?

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well, i remember with the previous ones there was a big box that came out, just wait and see :)

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I read this a while back, it might help.

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They launched a special edition album The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV to go with the game. Its not on out on iTunes yet but Amazon is selling the drm-free album for $ 7.98.

Also if you want every single song on the game, you could check out the wiki page and download the songs seperately

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The inside of the guide book thats included inside the gta iv box has a complete list of every song thats on the radio stations. You could just look up the individual songs from there and download them.

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@Grim The song isn’t the issue, its the lack of iTunes having it. But googling it might help, lots of bittorrent downloads for songs.

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