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Do Florida, California and Hawaii have fresh fruit available year around?

Asked by Aster (20007points) April 10th, 2012

Texas gets their fruit from California and Florida. Do you live somewhere that has FRESH fruit in the stores that comes from the state in which you live? Some towns here get Pecos cantaloupe from west Texas but everything else seems to come from California or Florida and it’s awful by the time it arrives.

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For sure I had better produce available when I lived in FL. I can’t say whether it was all grown in FL though. I don’t think it was. Obviously, citrus would be local and available, and some tropical fruits. Fruits and veg that came from Latin America had a shorter trip, which I think affected it being better than what I get where I live now, but I don’t know that for sure. Apples I would think had to come from up north, I doubt apples can grow in FL? If they can be grown, I would think it a struggle and not a likely crop for farmers there. Apples are not even in season all year where they are grown. There are other fruits and vegetables that are grown better in northern climates.

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Not every kind of fruit, but we more or less have fresh fruit available in California throughout the year. Right now, it’s strawberries. Places are selling huge packs of strawberries (including my campus, which has its own ranch.) I love being able to buy ripe, fresh fruit. We’ve been making jam, strawberry lemonade, syrup.. it’s awesome. Since I love fruit, I would be pretty sad to live in a state that did not have fresh product readily available.

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Not every fruit as ^ mentioned, but yes, ( I live in California ) we do enjoy a lot of produce that is not as available in other states. I live in a rural agricultural area known for our apple ranches, walnut ranches, vineyards and strawberries. Oh man..the strawberries are flowing right now and I live within 5 miles or two different strawberry farms. Heaven! I just made the first strawberry shortcake of the year over the weekend. To die for.

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@Coloma We get California Strawberries here in the Midwest, but I don’t care for them. They are very large and quite tasteless. I think it’s the varieties that ship well and stays fresh longer. You are probably getting a different and better variety that stays close to home. Our Michigan strawberries are ripe in June. They are smaller and redder and much more flavorful and sweeter.
On the other hand our cherries, (which by the way all had frozen blossoms last month) are not able to be grown in the southern climates. I wonder if the cherries that are shipped from Michigan are the same that we get at our fruit markets? Or if there is a variety that stays fresher longer and is more able to be shipped, but then loses some flavor with those genetics?

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@wilma I buy Michigan cherries whenever possible, and MI or NY apples.

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@JLeslie buy what you can now, I don’t think there will be much of a crop this year.

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@wilma I only buy in season. The produce where I live sucks out of season, including what they bring in from other parts of the country.

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We have plenty of different kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables available from local growers all year round. :-)

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Jake, you are so lucky!! And so is @Coloma .

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