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How do I impress a boy I just met?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) April 11th, 2012

Just recently, exchange students have come to my school from Germany. One of them, in particular, caught my eye.

We both see eachother in Algebra and History, and we don’t really know that much about eachother. But, I do know a lot about him.

So, do you have any tips on how to “impress” him, so-to-speak?

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Think of some cool things in your town and ask him if he has seen them yet. If he says “No” offer to take him.

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Flash him a single breast. Or…....ask him about Germany to break the ice.

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Just talk to him. You don’t have to impress him.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought has the right idea. Think of an attraction in your city and take him there.

I was going to say to just talk to him, but @AshLeigh beat me to that. :-) Introduce yourself. Ask him how he’s enjoying his stay. Ask him if he needs help with homework. You can ask him if he wants to study together.

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Moon him.

Grab him and stick your tongue down his throat.

Grab him by his balls.

Jump off the school roof onto his head.

Oh dear. There are so many ways to impress a guy.

Challenge him to an arm wrestling match and beat him.

Challenge him to a chess match, and beat him.

Drink him under the table.

I could go on and on. Are you really sure you want to impress him?

Maybe you should meet him and talk to him first and see if he is worth impressing.

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Put yourself in his shoes and think about what would catch your attention. A few ideas are:
* Learn some phrases in German. There are several free online websites that offer this service.
* Study up on Germany. It’s full of fascinating history. And whatever you do, DO NOT BRING UP THE TOPIC OF NAZIS. German citizens are mortified by this aspect of their history and would like to move past it.
* Watch the video of Eurovision’s 2010 winner, Satellite by Lena from Germany.
* Sports are popular in Germany. Ask him if he would be interested in attending an event. If it feels more comfortable, gather a group of friends and ask him if he would like to join in.

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@wundayatta Really? That’s how you want to answer a young teenager?

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Show your plume and puff out your chest. Hey – it works for peacocks O.o

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Say hi and strike up a conversation! He probably doesn’t know many people here yet, and I bet he’d be up for making new friends. Invite him on a fun outing with a few other people so it’s not exactly a date. This is a low-pressure way to get to know each other better.

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I think @Haleth has the right idea. He is new to your country, doesn’t know many people or probably where young people go in your town. Invite him (with your friends) to go to the cinema or whatever it is you and your friends do to hang out and have fun? If one of you is having a few friends over, ask him, and the other exchange students, to join you all at the weekend.

Then, just be yourself. Talk to him, be friendly and fun and enjoy yourselves. You don’t have to do anything more than that.

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@blueberry_kid Just be yourself. If you can, learn a funny phrase or joke in German to break the ice…otherwise, just talk. From my experience with foreign exchange students in HS, often they just would love to talk about normal stuff.

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To those making ‘naughty’ suggestions, be aware that the OP is something like 14 years of age.

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@blueberry_kid Ask him about his interests or his country and get him talking a little. Maybe ask if he would like to continue the discussion after school over ice cream or sodas somewhere. I was thinking lunch at school but that’s probably too much of an “under the microscope” idea with all the other kids watching.

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Just be yourself. Don’t worry about impressing him… just be friendly and welcoming. I’m sure that will impress him.

Maybe he should try to impress you… :) He might just be the lucky one here.

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He’s German, so don’t mention the war
Simply be yourself, relax & see what unfolds.

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@blueberry_kid I have to agree with those saying that you shouldn’t try to impress him.

Just be yourself. Whenever someone is making a special effort to impress me, I find it very off-putting and decidedly unattractive. It makes me uncomfortable. You wonder to yourself, “What is she really like when she’s not trying to wow me?”. Once I detect someone putting on a ‘show’ for me, it’s almost impossible for me to not immediately lose interest.

Someone that’s the ‘real deal’ is naturally attractive. Whether they like it or not ;)

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@chyna I have a teen and a preteen at home. Sometimes I like to have fun with their questions, too. I think teens have a sense of humor, too. Occasionally.

Besides which, I write for others besides the OP.

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