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People in committed relationships: Do you have a work girlfriend/boyfriend?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14664points) April 19th, 2012

Do you find yourself consistently paired off with someone(s) of your preferred gender at work? Do you find this person physically attractive?

And do you have a fluther so?

Sorry if this has been asked, too many results showed up on the search

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I don’t have a work partner or a fluther partner. There were times when I had a fluther partner.

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Neither. I am committed to my SO and he to me.

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Yeah, I had a co worker I was really compatible with. Unfortunately he transferred and now I don’t interact much with the others because we don’t have much in common.

Simone is a my Fluther partner. She doesn’t know this, though, so it’s in my head. Still counts, right?

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Nope don’t count. Ze is already mine in my head.

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I have a male friend who I have lunch with nearly every day. He’s not unattractive, but if we haven’t boned by now I doubt we ever will.

I have boned people from fluther.

Ok, just one person.

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I do not. But then, I’m the only one in my department.

For a while there was a woman I spoke with every day. We were pretty close at work. But that ended when we were laid off. We tried to get together occasionally, but it never really happened.

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@Blackberry I didn’t know this, lol @Imadethisupwithnoforethought Thanks for the correct pronoun. To the both of you, you’re lucky I’m polyamorous so you can both be my fluther partners but the requirement is some naked photos in my pm box. Go.

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I regret not being home right now. I’ve made a terrible mistake.

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Can everyone get in on the naked pictures?

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@nikipedia Hell, it’s up to them, I suppose.

Imadethisupwithnoforethought's avatar

Only if you all promise to say nice things.

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I’ve gotten plenty of naked pics in my inbox.

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@FutureMemory Hush, your penis is big enough. And yes, you did. After all, we were fluther partners once.

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Naw. I work by myself whenever I do. There are occasions when it’s possible to bring my dog to the site but those are rare. It’s funny the way she barks out when others come to the job. And the reaction from the contractors like, WTH there’s a dog in here?

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Wow, @FutureMemory. I’m impressed. Your penis is big enough. Wow!

Just wow!

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no, no and no.
And no to wanting others big penis pics in my inbox.

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For the record I’ve never sent penis pics to Simone…lol

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Oh, @blueiiznh um, delete that pm I sent you with the pic.

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@FutureMemory No one’s going to believe you.

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buncha size queens

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@woodcutter Damn straight. Or crooked. It’s all good.

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Where are all the motion queens? Isn’t it supposed to be what your penis does that counts, not the size? Didn’t I read that somewhere? Anyway, if there are any women who are into penises that move, I’d like to know about it. I’m not saying mine moves. I’m certainly not saying it’s big. But I would be curious if there’s anyone out there is into movement, instead of… yeah. Well. Whatever else people think is so hot.

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@wundayatta Actually, I’m into whatever sizes…seeing how it’s not the penis that makes the sex…and, for example, transmen have a micropenis that’s nowhere near your size but so what?

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I’m totally into pancakes.

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Never. Absolutely not. And… Seriously? Fluther SOs? With pancakes and penises?!
....I’m down for that. Sign me up ; )

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Removed by me. Decided not to go there after all.

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That’s actual size, right?

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@FutureMemory hit “ctrl +” ten times and you’ll at least get the length right. :-0

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No one at work; I worked in an office full of men who treated me like their little sister. For me committed means committed. So there would never be a boyfriend on the side.

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I work with gruff, burly, sweaty men… that’s a no then.

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I don’t have a “work SO” but there is a girl in my office that I have a huge crush on and if I was single I’d have asked her out already.

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@ucme Any job openings there, where you work? I kind of like gruff, burly, sweaty men… but then again, maybe not 40+ hours a week of them. Never mind. Forget I asked.

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@lillycoyote Trust me, you’re not missing out in any conceivable way.

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I used to, many years ago. We liked and were attracted to each other, but both in committed monogamous relationships, so no hanky panky. We had lunch together every day, and would close the door to his office while we ate and chatted (my then-husband was fully aware of this). Unfortunately, that was enough to get the rumor mill at work going that we were having an affair. No closed doors after that!

Later, I met my second husband at work, so I had a literal work boyfriend.

I have a mutual crush on Fluther, but again, no hanky panky.

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@ucme I kind of had the feeling that that might be the case, as soon as the words left my mouth, or, perhaps, more accurately, as soon as I typed the words on my keyboard.

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I have had a work boyfriends in the distant past, but not these days. No fluther crushes either. I have a great partner and as Art Garfunkel said “I only have eyes for [him]”.

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My best friend at work is gay; it works out really well – no tension. My grouchy Fluther friend decamped some time ago.

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@lillycoyote When one of them bends over, I have somewhere to park my bicycle at least.

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In high school (and just after graduating high school) I was hired at Taco Bell at the same time as this beautiful young lady. We ended up dating off and on while we worked together. We’re still friends today, and in fact I became really good friends with several of her family members thanks to us having a “relationship” of sorts. Also the summer after I graduated high school, I worked as a camp counselor. I had a “steamy”/short relationship with one of my fellow counselors (ended up finding out she had a b/f the entire time).

Several times since those events I tried to hook up with/date/whatever a girl I worked with, but none as successful as either of those. In neither event were we like “blatantly” hooked to one another while working.

As far as on Fluther. I have two X g/f’s on here (though I’m not sure to what level either of them posts, as their handles are a mystery to me), and my current g/f also posts (but again I do not know her handle or how often she’s on here).

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Oh dear. I forgot about the deep past. When I was a canvasser, my social life swirled around work. That was because work hours were from 2 in the afternoon until 10 in the evening, and sometimes longer. In those days, there was an institutionalized “bar night,” after which I would drive people home.


On orders from my boss. This was before MADD or any of all that. Pre-AIDS, too. Just barely.

I worked at an organization that was probably two-thirds female. When we socialized, we socialized with people from work, and I’d have parties at my house and, what can I say? We were in our early twenties.

I had a number of work girlfriends, sometimes serially and sometimes simultaneously. One of them I even “hooked up” with two or three times out in the field, as we used to call it. One became a relationship for around four years. A couple of others I hooked up with two or three times each. I was in an open relationship, but even so, that didn’t leave a lot of time to do everything I would have liked to do. And open relationships turn out, upon reflection, not to be so open, after all, once people start to realize what they are really like.

I love having children and being a father. I love being married to my wife. But I loved that time of my life, too. It’s too bad we have to make choices about which we want to have most.

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@tedd Do any of them know your handle? That would drive me crazy…

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@FutureMemory They all know my handle. lol

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When I read this question, my first thought was more about having a Office Spouse which I find to be fascinating—it is very, very true that we develop platonic, intimate relationships at work, although I’m sure it would be totally awkward to call someone an ‘office spouse,’ and I’m sure would be upsetting to the actual spouse if they didn’t fully understand what a honest-to-goodness ‘office spouse’ was.

I know I’m a bit off track from the conversation above, but my answer is related to having “office spouses,” so, yes, I have had several office spouses over the years- all completely platonic but with the foundations of a strong and authentic relationship present. They were all terrific people to work with, I loved them in special ways—both male and female, then when we stopped working together, the friendship and relationship faded since our common ground was no longer there. I still think of them fondly and wish for their happiness, but don’t keep in touch.

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Ironic timing in that I was declared a “work spouse” by a coworker today!

interesting how Fluther questions are predicting my real life experiences. Those other question boards should be jealous!

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