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How many kilojoule do you need to burn to loose 1 kg?

Asked by Jbor (649points) May 27th, 2008

I’ve started running, and have an advanced heart rate monitor that estimates energy consumption. But how much energy will I need to burn to loose 1 kg of fat? (I know that I will gain muscle etc, but the question is not related to my total weight). Feel free to answer in whatever units you see fit.

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7 716.17918 calories = 32.2844937 kilojoules

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So true – just found the answer as well :-)

Which means running 87 km’s, or two marathons, to loose 1 kg fat in my case… :-)

Great website, btw!

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I have been out of school long enough that I actually had to write down the conversion to go from calories/pound to kJ/kg! :(

And isn’t it a bummer? When I started running I could only make it 1 mile which = ~80 calories = ~1 apple. Super lame.

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Yes, it takes time. I’ll be doing 3×5 km next week, and there is quite a way to the 3×10 that is my goal. But then again, 3×10 km equals about ½ kg of fat a week, wich is actually not bad at all when you think about it. Plus the metabolism etc. get’s better as well.

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A little off topic but Josh Madison wrote a great little conversation program, has all kinds of conversions, if you’re interested, it’s called Convert. Only for Windows OS at this time. You can also create your own conversions with it.

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Following what Deezer said Google has a brilliant convert facility, try it: works for a lot of things as well. On the losing weight things, oh man, 87km’s for 1kg, I’ll stick to exerciseless routine for a short while yet then.

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