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Having a senior Penguin moment - what's the term for blindly going along with the crowd?

Asked by janbb (59087points) April 23rd, 2012

Question says it all. I am so embarrassed (puts head behind flippers.)

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Penquin effect.
Herd mentality.

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Actually, it came back to me – “conform” is the word that had escaped me. But I’m open to hearing others.

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Aaahh. Conform. I wouldn’t have guessed that word. Glad it came to you though.

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@janbb Can one only ”..blindly..” conform?

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@lloydbird Valid question; you are correct, but conform was the word I was searching for blindly.

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@janbb Fair enough, chick. :-)

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Voting the straight ticket.

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…One of us, one of us, one of us…

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@thorninmud That looks distressing like the Republican National Convention!

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@janbb No, if it was the Republican convention, the color would be red not blue.

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True dat and they seem to be looking mainly to the left!

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@janbb Blasphemy! All baby penguins are cute…even the bald awkward ones.

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Herd mentality.

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Conform was the word that came to me when I read your question.

I am thinking of an instance years ago when people still lined up at the bank on payday to cash their checks and the lines were crazy long….people would just patiently bear up under the ridiculous time waste because what else could you do? Many people live paycheck to paycheck and they didn’t have direct deposit back then. One day this lady starts to get all annoyed that there aren’t enough tellers. She starts heckling the bank people, still standing in line, mind you, but yelling for them to put more tellers on duty!! “Lambs to the slaughter!!! Lambs to the slaughter!” she starts to harangue her fellow pathetic line drudges. Jeez, I mean, that’s taking it a little too far lady, I thought.

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“Marching in lock-step”?

“close adherence to and emulation of another’s actions: they raised prices in lockstep with those of foreign competitors | [ as modifier ] : the party touted a lockstep unity.”

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“Drinking the Kool-Aid” also applies.

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Sheep? Keeping up with the Joneses? Lacking a mind of ones own?
Never mind.

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Stevie Wonder taking the wrong exit at one of his concerts.

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Go with the flow; fall in line.

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@Plucky What a great song to wake up to on a dull day! I recently saw a great documentary about Harry Belafonte – “Sing your Song.” He was, and still is, a great activist and humanitarian.

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@janbb I agree :)

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