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How can I look up the words that describe various symbols?

Asked by CyanoticWasp (20070points) December 19th, 2009

You see symbols and things of all kinds all the time:
Division sign ÷
Degree mark °
Pilcrow ¶

If you don’t know what the word is for the symbol (as I didn’t for the pilcrow—I always just used to call it until now had awkwardly called it “that paragraph marker backwards-P thing”), how can you look up the word for it? For that matter, it doesn’t have to be “a symbol”, it could be almost anything. I mean, if you don’t know what a pad eye is, or a clevis pin, or a spinnaker or a crescent wrench—when you see the words you can easily google the thing or its definition / description, or ask someone, using the words. But when you see the thing itself and don’t know it, how do you look it up?

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I just did a Wikipedia search for Punctuation and that gives a list. I find that with some patience, I can usually find what I am looking for on Wikipedia. I have done that for those oval-shaped country code bumper stickers and the symbols used on consumer products, etc.

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There are dictionaries of signs and symbols in the library which depict the symbol and then the nomenclature.

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charmap.exe and unicode give you a way to work backward from symbol to nomenclature.

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@pdworkin I thought I told you I trademarked “nomenclature.”

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where’s the™? You mean nomenclature™! Hah ha! Now it’s mine. No backsies.

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I call “no fair.” Mommmmm!

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You have to teach me how to do superscript.

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i’m telling.

Forgive us @CyanoticWasp – Me ‘n pd just like to have fun.

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Thanks, @hearkat, I hadn’t been to Wikipedia for that reason before, but you’re right: there’s a wealth of information there.

I had seen those books in the library, @janbb. I should have specified in the Q that I was looking for a way to do the lookups online somehow.

Good idea, @pdworkin. I’ve used charmap.exe (Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Character Map on most Windows systems—I just realized that I can run it from a “Run” prompt and “charmap.exe”, too… I should have realized that years ago). I hadn’t ever noticed that charmap gives you the name of the symbol! Of course. It’s so simple… now.

Thanks again all. Those were good answers.

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@janbb, it’s all fun until someone gets hurt. I can tell you how, if you need advice and don’t already know.

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@CyanoticWasp Been there, done that.

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@CyanoticWasp My search technique is go to Google and type a description of the thing I saw into the search field. E.g. “that paragraph marker backwards-P thing” brings up pilcrow in the search results (it works I checked). For a spinnaker I’ll say “huge, colorful, parachute-like sail used for sailing downwind” or go “list of sails on a yacht”. If that doesn’t work on a normal search then go to Google Images and maybe a picture of the thing will come up.

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