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How do you talk to people who are wearing sunglasses?

Asked by tom_g (16635points) April 25th, 2012

When I am talking with someone who is wearing huge sunglasses, I can’t see their eyes, so I don’t know where to look. I am completely thrown off guard and feel like I’m in a one-way video conference.

Those of you who are less socially confused than me – how do you deal with this situation? Where do you look? How can you tell if the person is looking at you? What if they’re just sleeping?

Yeah, I know. It’s a slow fluther day, and I figured I’d add something, even it is completely light.

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I don’t like it but I try to look where their eyes would be.

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It really drives me crazy, and sometimes I wind up bobbing and weaving to try to see their eyes around the glasses. Usually that gives the person a cue to take the glasses off.

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Just stare at your reflection, i.e. talk to yourself…

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You could stare at their chest. It’ll either weird them out or piss them off. Then if they say my eyes are up here they’ll get the point.

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It’s never really bothered me. I still look at their eyes even if I can’t actually see them through the glasses. My boyfriend wears sunglasses a lot (in fact, when he is driving, he feels naked without them!) so I am probably used to it!

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I have always felt this way about sunglasses and people who wear them.

1. You cannot see their eyes as though they have something to hide.

2, Sunglasses can be intimidating. One speeder told me this. She said I looked like RoboCop.

3. Sunglasses are not allowed in any courtroom, unless they are prescription glasses.

You said this was a light day, so i just thought I would give some light experiences with sunglasses.

Also, we had one officer that went into a sunglasses shop. He liked a pair of sunglasses, but he did not like the price. He ripped off the price tag and wore them out of the store. He was arrested for shoplifting and lost his job. How stupid was that? Earlier, this same officer walked into a grocery store and opened two bottles of mayonaise to see which flavor he like the best. He used his finger as a spoon. He was put on probation for this act. Who allowed this guy to wear a uniform? He should have arrested himself. Dumb moves on his part.

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@john65pennington: “Sunglasses can be intimidating.”

Actually, they are in a way. I feel exposed or something – like I’m communicating everything and they are hiding behind a wall.

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I agree that it is disconcerting. I also do the bob and weave thing with my head, which feels awkward.

If it’s someone I know well, I’ll say, “Could you take those off?” Otherwise, I’ll just try and state at the tip of their nose.

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Where I live people often wear sunglasses. I mostly don’t even think about it. I would if we were inside and I thought they were wearing them to be cool (or look like a tool more like it). Otherwise, it is so commonplace it doesn’t faze me at all.

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I’m just as socially confused as you are. I try very hard to see their eyes and then feel stupid because I’m staring hard into the glasses.

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