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Are you an Island or an Ocean?

Asked by Salem88 (808points) April 28th, 2012

If an Island, how or why did you become one? If an Ocean, what lives in you and rips your currents?

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Both. They sustain each other. There was no “becoming” involved; it has always been the case.

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I think I’m a peninsula.

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That’s just an island with separation issues.

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Well I suppose that’s more true than I would like to admit. I’m an island that is rooted to a land mass.. unable to be the ocean I so desperately want to be. Deep. Very deep. xD

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Pretty much an ocean. Very deep, very intense, hidden places, full of many things people have never seen (and may not wish to).

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I’m incontine….....I mean, a continent.

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At the moment I’m a pebble in the stream, experiencing the flow of life in only one direction.

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An island, surrounded with dangerous rocks, but also small, hidden caves that lead to all the treasures inside.

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Living on an island in the ocean currently

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Current-ly. HAHA! Ocean currents… heh, heh, (looks around, embarrassed, no one else laughing, crickets CLEARLY audible) heh, eh heh. Walks away, head down.

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I’m an ocean, moving in and out of what runs in/what I run into. I’ve always been this way.

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I’m a river, with a strong current and lots of riffles and rapids and calm lagoons.
I can capsize your canoe or lull you to sleep depending on the flow.

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@Trillian Oh, you’re wicked funny. Thanks for the laugh. However, you are one of the jellies I thought would go deeper into the water. You are Not a pebble.

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@Coloma You’re supposed to be gathering Stardust for jellies. Maybe Corona time already?
You are definitely not a river. Heh, heh. Been archiving many of you. Rest up then dive in when you get time. Know you are busy. Need to check your post since you’ve returned from recon mission.

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I’m an ocean, full of crazy sea monsters, pirates and mermaids. I don’t feel very deep tonight, though.

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Both, I think. I am strongly rooted in place, but the tides have a strong effect on me, subtly changing me over time.

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I am an island, obviously. Alone. Foreign country where I am not wanted. Surrounded, but alone.

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@Symbeline – Thanks for being honest. Still haven’t figured out if you are a pirate or a mermaid. Like that your scary. Sorry you’re feeling shallow.
@augustlan – Well done. You do live up to “Most Popular Jelly in School”. Tell me you weren’t head cheerleader in high school and I’ll lurve you too. And thanks for help on addressing….shiny objects distract me to the obvious.
@cazzie – Hmm. Presently, you are on a Bad vacation Island in a 1 star motel. Turn in your keys, call your travel agent, and book a resort with spa.

Have written private messages to a few (you know who you are) so hope other jellies will know I’m not rude. Still waiting for certain raging jelly to put up or shut up. Hope they will swim up soon. The existential Grand Prize Winner, so far, has yet to finish their thesis. Duh, take the next step so I can mail you the $1,000,000.
OR will there be another jelly, a usurper, to your throne.

Let’s just float for awhile:-)

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@Salem88 Not even a cheerleader, let alone head cheerleader. Hahaha.

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I am an Island most of the time…(No TRESPASSING).....but when I’m an Ocean….all are welcome to brave the waters. :)

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@Symbeline You’re a Pirate! 100% ;)

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@augustlan – Whew! Thank goodness. Now I won’t have to TP your trees:-) We’ll just do lunch.

@Only138 – Interesting. Very honest answer….But a warning and an invitation too. Sounds like some guys I dated but never married. Care for another Dance, I mean Chance?

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@Salem88 Must be the tides…reminds me of a Type O Negative song. :/

@Only138 Ha yeah. Wussy mermaids, I’d rather be a pirate. I brave any water! so trying not to rattle off some gutter minded business

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@Symbeline – would love to hear some Rage Against The Machine when it’s high tide. Hope you feel more like a rummy later:-)

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