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Which film camera should I buy?

Asked by Mandeblind (420points) April 28th, 2012

I’m looking for a film camera that is not too heavy and not too expensive. On Ebay, I’ve found some that are below 50 bucks.

Some I’ve found are;



Do you have other suggestions?

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Can you still buy film and have it developed? Do you have an old-fashioned dark room where you can do your own developing? Can you still purchase the materials for a dark room?

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@gailcalled I can, if it is 35mm.

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Pentax K1000
It’s heavier than the fixed-lens cameras you linked to. But it’s a really great camera. It was THE beginner/student camera for 20+ years, so there are tons of them out there and so price is low.

If that is too big, I would add “Canonet” to your search list. Similar to the Minolta and Yashica you found, and plentiful.

For example, Canon Canonet G III QL17

Another good camera in that style is the Olympus 35 RC

I think the Canons are more popular, but the Olympus is just as good, so you may find a better price.

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@jaytkay Thanks, I am about 120 lbs, so heaviness is always bad for me :D
I’ll take a look at Canonet.
Also, cameras that are 1.7 and 1.8 are prefered.

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I used an Olympus OM-PC for many years. It was quite good, with automatic exposure. See eBay:

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I just noticed the Yashica TL Electro is an SLR

It’s probably bigger than a K1000. It can’t be much different. The Pentax will have lots more lenses available.

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I just noticed the Yashica TL Electro is an SLR. I was focused on the Minolta because of the small size.

The Yashica is probably bigger than a K1000. It can’t be much different. The Pentax will have lots more lenses available.

Also, sub-f2.0 lenses are rare on cheap rangefinders. That Minolta is kinda special.

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Highly recommend the Pentax K1000, it is not as light as you might want, but it is easy to use, and the camera I learned photography on. Additionally, the Pentax, has a large array of different lenses you can use (K-mount). I still have my Pentax K1000, as well as a Pentax ME Super. The other camera I think is really good is the Nikon FM-10. I have one of those as well. Both Great cameras, both are SLRs, both have a wide variety of interchangeable lenses. Keep us posted.

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Pentax K1000. It’s used by most police agencies.

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I hope you want an SLR if you are going to the trouble to work with film/developing/printing…
+1 vote for the K1000, they are built like a rock, and since the battery only powers the meter you can still take a pic if that dies. But they are heavy.
The Pentax ZX-M is nearly as solid but has a lot of the metal replaced by plastic so it is a Lot lighter.

For size/weight the Olympus cameras always seem to be best in class. If that’s really a concern look around for those.
If you are foregoing the SLR clarity and lens options and want a point and shoot, take a look at the olympus stylus cameras which always seemed to be the best camera available for the size.

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