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Wanna help me with thinking up some weird activities? (details inside)

Asked by MilkyWay (13718points) May 1st, 2012

I need you to give me some names of really weird or unique activities that burn calories. Any unusual physical activity that isn’t commonly come across.
Let’s see what weird things you guys know about,
P.S Try and keep it clean guys ;)

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- Juggling overgrown babies.

- Shaving wild bears

- Dressing all in orange and calling the cops from a payphone in the park, and telling them there is a guy dressed in orange that is molesting kids in the park.

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@poisonedantidote Nice. Not really what I was hopin for but nice all the same xD

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How does this strike you for an exercise?

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@digitalimpression I remember her ads. She said if we just learned how to breathe we would lose weight. I would have to lock the door to do her stuff. I am going to follow this question, maybe something will show up I can do.

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Space Hopper Races might be something that would work.

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Space hoppers look like fun. I like swinging on a really high swing, but that isn’t weird.

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A man received a flier on weight loss in his mail box. He decided he could afford to lose a few pounds, so he read the flier. The ad said, “Want to loose a few pounds? We can help…. Lose 10 pounds in 7 days, or Lose 20 pounds in 7 days, or try our Super Fit program and lose 50 pounds in 7 days. Just give us a call and we’ll get you started! Extreme Weight Loss!”

He decided to try out the 10 pounds in 7 days. The operator told him, “Someone will be at your house within a few days to get you started.”

A few days later the doorbell rang. He opened the door, and in front of him was a beautiful 22-year old woman, buck naked and wearing only Reebok running shoes and a sign around her neck that said, “If you can catch me, you can have your way with me.” She took off, running.

He followed, of course, but being a bit overweight he struggled in the attempt to catch her. Finally he caught her and had his way with her. Every day for a week this went, she’d come over, he’d chase her, catch her and have his way with her.

Finally on the 8th day, he decided to weigh himself. He did indeed loose the promised 10 pounds. He thought to himself, “Maybe I should try the 20-pound program.” He called again and asked to try out their 20-pound weight loss program. The operator told that him someone would be around in a few days to start him on his program.

A couple of days later the door bell rang. He answered the door to find a beautiful blond, 19-years old, again completely naked and wearing only Nike runners and the same sign around her neck.

She took off running and he chased her and eventually caught her, and boy, does he have his way with her. This went on for a full week.

After the 7th day, he got on the scale to find that he has lost the 20 pounds. Wow, he is astonished! He has enjoyed his weigh loss so much that he decides he wants to try the 50-pound program. He called in to the same number, told them how much he had enjoyed the program and the results so far, promises to tell all of his friends… and then asks about the “Extreme Weight Loss Program”.

The operator asks him, “Are you sure? This program might not be right for you.”

“Absolutely,” he says, “I want the 50-pound program.”

The operator responded as earlier, “OK, someone will be around within the next few days.”

Within a few days the door bell rang again, and the man jumped up with anticipation, wondering what could be better than the programs he’s already tried. He was so excited he could barely contain himself. He whipped open the door, and there in front of him is a male ex-felon, buck naked except for prison tattoos, rippling with muscles, wearing only an evil grin and Pink runners. The sign around his neck said, “If I catch you, I can have my way with you.”

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How about laundercizing? Put the basket of clean clothes on the floor. Do a windmill (touch hand to opposite foot) each time you reach for an item to fold. Do a lunge to put it in the appropriate folded pile. High five yourself (jumping jack) afeach it is done then leap over the basket and repeat until the load is finished.

Crab walk everywhere you go in your house.

Skip or gallop during shopping trips. Jump 5 times when you find the item(s) you are looking for. (also extremely good for embarrassing your kids – BONUS)

Somersault across the park then cartwheel back.

Cha cha while waiting for water to boil.

Have a toddler or get a puppy known for being a hyper breed.

Run up the steps to your neighbor’s house and ring the bell. Run off fast before they see you. Repeat throughout neighborhood.

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Mow the lawn sans clothing. You might get it done pretty fast.

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Build a bonfire in the garden & chuck boxes of Rice Krispies on there, snap, crackle & pop…....see those calories burn.

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Here’s the best one: Run around and pick up trash in your community. It will make everything look better, you’ll see all sorts of places and things you’d otherwise never see, you’d encourage others to help clean up or at least not litter, you’d get tons of exercise, and you’d increase your community’s property values.

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Wear 10 pound ankle weights everywhere you go.

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Those ankle weights work. Never had the 10# ones though.

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Fast for a couple of days. That actully works..

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