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I'm looking for a remix of a Mr Vagus song that I've heard in clubs before but I can't find it on the internet anywhere.

Asked by Taz0007 (145points) May 5th, 2012

I kept hearing a song which is essentially the same as this one by Mr Vagus except the vocals are female. I’ve tried searching for remixes but can’t seem to find the song anywhere and since I’ve wanted to know what it was I haven’t heard it in a club so couldn’t ask the DJ. Hope someone can help!

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Could the problem be you are looking up Mr. Vagus when his name is Mr. Vegas?
Is it the same song just sung by a woman? Or a different song to the same rhythm? Reggae music uses a lot of the same underlying beat (called riddims) and artists just put their vocals to it.

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Oh no that’s just my dyslexia. No, it’s the same song, same lyrics, just a females vocals. Which is also why it’s harder to search as I’m not entirely sure what he’s saying but I’m sure I’ll hear it played again soon!

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Well…on the FYI tip, the song is about giving head. Or more specifically, telling the girl not to give head to just anyone (Kill ‘em with the no, just make a boy know you won’t blow [the American English translation to the chorus]). Which makes me wonder how the lyrics would be the same with a girls singing it, but whatever.

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