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Did Gina Davis' character in "A League of Their Own" actually drop the ball - or purposefully drop the ball - at the end of the movie upon a collison with her sister at home plate?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) May 28th, 2008

Personally, this really peeves me, but I think it was “actual!”

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She was too disciplined a player to be an accidental drop. She knew how bad her sister wanted to succeed, especially against her, and so she let go of the ball.

Of course, no way she’d ever admit to it… that would defeat the purpose.

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I agree with you that she was too professional, great and edsciplined for hte drop to be accidental. HOWEVER, it is for that reason alone that she wouldn’t act against, well, herself. It wasn’t in her character to just give something away. To me, it was a coming of age for her younger sister to finally best her older sister, and really, be better than her for once. But I am glad we are on the same page that she didn’t let the ball go on purpose! :)

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@Johnny, you may want to reread rob’s answer. He clearly believes that she dropped the ball on purpose.

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On purpose, but what I’m more concerned with is the fact that at the reunion (like 30 years later) the two sisters act as if they had not been close since the incident. Geez, the sacrifices you make for family…

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Dropped it on purpose. The hand opened voluntarily on that shot.

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