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If you could have the chance to know everything, would you?

Asked by Grim (384points) May 28th, 2008

If you could answer any question 100% truthfully, would you want to? Do you think humanity would be able to accept and cope with the ultimate truth, or would it create complete chaos?

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I don’t wanna know everything. For example: when I gonna die, that would make anybody’s life miserable.

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But do you think that ultimate good would come from it? @ butters

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I already know too much.

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I personally would, but before I asked the question and received the answer, i would ask if I truly wanted to know the answer to whatever I asked, such as if any good would come from it.

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@ b: PSHHH

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If I had the chance to know everything I would turn it down. I find a lot of interest in reading, researching and learning. When you say know everything does that include knowing every lyric of every song and how every song goes? the ending of every book? The mistakes in all literature ever written? All of people’s thoughts, hates, fantasies and more? Some things I don’t want to know, others I want to find out for myself, I don’t just want to know everything from the word Go. I want to learn, enhance my knowledge via my own learning experiences, I’m looking forward to going to university to learn more about a subject I am interested in. I would hate it if I just knew it all.

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You know anything you choose to know.

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Oh, I guess that puts a different light on things. But still, I find it interesting to look into things and I feel proud if I learn about something new that I’ve been wanting to know for a long time, some things however it would be really nice to know in an instant, for instance in the middle of my chemistry exam, I hate learning about that but I have to know it, so then that would be useful. But I guess forcing myself to learn something that’s hard to learn helps enhance one’s mind into learning for future situations.

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The price is too high. I don’t think anyone is prepared to ascend, essentially, into Godhood. You’d be living in pure isolation, either feared or worshiped by all.

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Wouldn’t life be boring to? You’d know everything. What else is there to do? You would know how to get rich instantly, you would know how the world works. Boring. I strive to learn and understand, but not everything as then you couldn’t learn, you wouldn’t respect anyone…I like Kimble’s look on it to, nicely put :)

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I already do, it’s no big deal.

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I’m smart enough to know that it would probably be a really bad idea.

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I just want to know where I left my keys.

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Socrates said that what qualified him as the wisest man in Athens was that all the others thought they knew something, but really didn’t, whereas he didn’t know anything either, but at least he knew he didn’t know anything. It’s an intriguing possibility to consider, that maybe knowing everything consists of knowing that nothing can be known.

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No, because then I couldn’t use my “I have the potential to know everything” response anymore. Instead, I’d actually have to have the answer…..

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I wouldn’t want to know everything because there’s some things out there that I just don’t want to know.

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I wouldn’t want to know everything. It is more fun to learn as you go.

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Being All-Knowing is a great responsibility that requires suffering many fools.

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Amen, Brother.
It’s a cross I have to bear.

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As we know from Data on Star trek, it is a burden and annoys the heck out of others!

Let’s say you did know everything. The government or someone else wanting power would capture you and force you to produce knowledge on demand like a milk cow. It sounds like a nightmare to me.

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knowing everything would probably result in death because of extreame brain overload or suicide because of knowing all the worlds terrors

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I don’t know about that. There are plenty of teenagers walking around and they know everything.

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No, it would make life awfully dull. Part of the joy of living is learning new things. Besides, the dullest people in the world are the ones who think they know everything!

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