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Don't you think jokes are subjective?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) June 19th, 2010

We all know that jokes are meant for fun and entertainment purpose but we also know that not many people who know how to joke have the same value in joke. Take this as an example: When someone ask a question like “what should I do in prostitution field?” Others might answer like “Aren’t you a bitch?” And of course each person and the OP will have different value for this. I usually feel offended when I got such answer in my question. It would be hard since most people will know whether or not it’s a joke by tone and intonation,and of course it would be hard to shown in hand writing(even after you add a “LOL” it could be considered as teasing). Clarification would be invalid since the offenders might also turn their ‘insult in disguise’ to what sounds like real joke.

I can’t believe how many times I said “joke” here. Anyway,did you usually joking around? Did you ever feel guilty if somehow your joke could offend someone? What are your criteria when a joke is far more than just a joke? Is there a border between joking,teasing,and insulting?

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Knock knock.

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Who’s there?

sorry, off topic but i’ve been wondering forever, what does OP stand for?!

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I-eat-mop who? why am i feeling like i’m going to regret this!

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LOL, you eat your poop? XD

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HAHAHA, thanks for the laugh!

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I think many of us who value Fluther partly as a social site enjoy it for its humor. Over time, we come to know various members and recognize their senses of humor, or we may value some right off the bat because their humor is similar to ours. It can be hard for a person from another culture or background to always understand the joking around, or something may just not strike your funnybone or may even be offensive to you. In that case, the best tactic is to ask for clarification which you will usually get. Or you can ask a question in “General” and get less humor generally.

@Samantha_Rae OP stands for “Original Poster”

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@janbb : finally! thank you!!! ha

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Humor is definitely subjective.
You’d kind of be crossing a line if you tell a joke to someone on purpose just because you know it will offend them. That’s kind of rude.
But for people who find very few things offensive, accidently offending someone with your sense of humor is bound to happen eventually and for the one’s offended, you kind of have to take a step back and evaluate whether or not this person actually meant to offend you or if it’s just simply what they find funny as an individual.

It’s somewhat important for people to share dirty/vulgar jokes with a crowd/individual they know will understand and appreciate it instead of taking the risk of offending everyone there.
There are some friends I have where I have to watch what comes out of my mouth and others I can say whatever the hell I want.

In fact, a long time ago @Doctor_D, I told you I would punch you in the vagina if you spilled a drink on me, but I was totally joking. Unfortunately, I didn’t read you well enough and you got upset. So I apologize and I take that back. XD

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Jokes have always been around. It is a fact that people these days get offended easily. Jokes will, hopefully, never go away. So maybe someday people will stop imagining that they are so wonderful that they deserve to live life without ever being offended.

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@bob_ and @Samantha_Rae Hey stop being so unhelpful you two! Joke is OK here but at least try to answer the question too(I don’t think my Q is that hard to generalize).

@janbb Thank you for responding and for your info.

@Vunessuh I see. I understand that long time ago post. I also feel sorry if somehow I offend you in that question. Thank you for answering.

@josie I appreciate your opinion. But each person has different value for jokes. And not everyone will cope well and wants to be offended for any reason. I don’t think everyone deserve to be offended.

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@Doctor_D See how jokes are subjective? I rest my case.

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Furthermore, next time you don’t want responses in the form of jokes, I suggest you post your question in “General”.

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@bob_ I have no problem with jokes. but you’re not even answering my question. You’re just messing around with it. And I was looking for mods as soon as I posted this question. I know I made a mistake but I can’t find a mod so I’ll contact them later.

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@Doctor_D All @bob_ has done, is prove his point and your question. Yes, jokes are extremely subjective.

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@Doctor_D I was answering your question by using an example. I’ll stop following now.

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Yes, see I think bob is being funny and you don’t seem to see the humor in what he’s done here.

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@bob_ You should have informed me from the beginning. I mean no offense but it sounds so off-topic at first.

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@bob_ lol you need a warning lable. :D

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My parents get emails from their friends almost every night with weird or political jokes in them. Some I get because they’re around the same as my humor, but others I don’t find as funny because we’ve got different political or social views. But I’ve always prided myself on always getting the dirty ones. :)

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@Doctor_D didn’t say they they deserve it. Simply observed that it is inevitable, and it would be more practical, if not more healthy, to get over it and accept that it will happen occasionally.

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If one doesn’t want any joking around in a Q they ask, that’s why the General section was created.

I wish they would change the name to Serious or something so it would be more obvious.

In Social, however, you can expect the jokes to come flying from all directions regardless of whether the Q even gets answered. That’s why Bob felt free to joke around since we are in Social.

Humor is TOTALLY subjective even with people who grew up speaking the same language.

Different cultures and languages just add to the greater likelihood of confusion and taking offense where none was intended at all. Even the liberal usage of smileys :D like that doesn’t seem to help much sometimes.

If anyone finds themselves getting offended often, the best advice I have is to stick to the General section.

Anyplace else may have jokes flying back and forth. If one is tired of ducking for cover, don’t hang around in those areas.

Problem solved :D

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I find it interesting how some people “get” a joke, and others don’t. The best example of this that I have found is this: One day I was talking to the clerk at a convenience store and she told me of a time when she and her five year old son had moved to a new house. The guy next door had a dog. A few days after they moved in the little boy came running in the house in tears because the neighbor kept calling his dog a bad BAD name! It was such a bad name the poor child couldn’t even repeat it. “Why does he keep calling the dog that name??” Mom didn’t have an answer, of course, until a day or so later when she saw her neighbor outside. She asked what his dog’s name was. His answer? “Baxter.”
I rolled when she told me this!!! BUT I have found that when I repeat the story about 50% of the people get “it” instantly, and the other 50% don’t get it at all. That’s curious to me. You can’t get much more subjective than that!

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They most certainly are. My sense of humor was tuned a certain way for a while, and it worked just fine with my friends. But when I tried applying that same sense of humor in the workplace, I was fired.
@Val123 I think that there’s also a regional component to the Sense of Humor. Mine is incompatible with those of a majority of Midwesterners.

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@Nullo oops! Sorry to hear it, ...I’ve come this close at times and have definitely developed a “work” switch on what I’ll say.

Yes! Very subjective! Some of my friends and I will make a joke about anything. That’s my style, if I can make that unexpected connection I’ll do it.
That sort of thing will annoy or offend some other people I know.

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A good joke is a good joke.

That said it seems more than ever that people are searching for an opportunity to be offended.

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So you think jokes are subjective? I dunno. I guess it depends on your viewpoint.

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