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Should I Become a Platelets Donor?

Asked by osullivanbr (3630points) May 28th, 2008

I’m currently a blood donor and was thinking of becoming a platelets donor instead. I can only be one, do you think that being a platelets donor is more beneficial?

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Both are very altruistic, and you deserve to be lauded for your gracious donations. However, platelet donors (and platelets) are in shorter supply, so if you are going to choose one, choose platelets.

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Be sure to ask plenty of questions before you do. I don’t want to dissuade anyone from donating, but I have a friend who had a scary experience. It seems to be physiologically more difficult that a straight donation of whole blood.

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Here’s a Red Cross site that details the need, the procedure and talks about the safety.

If you do it, I thank you in advance. My mother is currently suffering from a condition in which her platelet count has fallen dangerously low.

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if it feels good, do it!

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OK I’ve made up my mind I think. Thanks to all of you, particularly you Marina. I think your post has proven to me what I already knew, this is too important not to do it.

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@ osullivanbr I dunno. I have donated 190 (ish) units of blood and have done 90+ apheresis procedures (AKA platelets donation) and am not limited to one or the other. Apheresis procedure takes longer, maybe around 60 to 90 minutes, but all else about the same in regards to recovery or limitations post procedure. Which are VERY minimimal. I am frequently called upon for apheresis for cancer patients There is more matching required (donar to patient), but the platelettes are extremely important to the CA patient. Any questions, contact me.

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They told me that I can only do one or the other. Strange. Thanks for the advice though. It is greatly appreciated.

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I feel you are being very courageous in doing this as so many people can benefit form your donation. GO YOU LOL

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Thank you. :-)

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