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Do you like these trousers?

Asked by peter29 (47points) May 14th, 2012

I was considering buying them as I need a smart pair of trousers for work that can be machine-washed.

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They look nice to me.

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They look good. Just the right mix of hot and classy.

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They look good from the back but I’d want to see them from the front too. I don’t like pleated fronts.

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Personally no, they appear to be a bit old man-ish. But then again I don’t know your age or your style.

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They look fine from the back, but what does the front look like?

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The trousers look fine; what kind of body is going into them?

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Looks good @peter29. My husband has had great luck with wash/wear trousers.

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Looks like a fine pair of pants to me.

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thumbs up!

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Yes. Does your butt look like that though? :)

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Dutchess ll Shame, shame!!! Question was about the trousers themselves, not how they would look on the OP’s ass!

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I want to know about your butt too.

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You can never go wrong with grey flannel trousers! And paired with a navy blazer, it can’t be outdone. (Nice derriere on the model!)

Dutchess_III's avatar

I can’t believe I just got a shaming!! Am I becoming less of a twit??? :)

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Dutchess ll All in good fun…..:) We all enjoyed the butt shot of the model… maybe peter29 will provide a follow up photo,lol.

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