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What kind of pants are considered 'cool' nowadays?

Asked by Mega91 (58points) August 19th, 2009

I’m school shopping and I have been doing very well picking clothes for the top half but I don’t seem to be as successful with the bottom half. People compliment my shirts but then insult my pants. What are some name brand jeans that are ‘in’ these days?

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watch the music video “can’t touch this” by MC Hammer.
there you will find the pants you seek

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whats it matter… theyre just clothes…. If youre really that pressed, follow jamie foxx and get the 150 a pair straight cuts from bannana repub….

(no i dont give a damn about fashion, it was just an article i saw in mens health.)

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Diesel and Rock are good. This style

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WWI era riding pants. It’s the flared knee. Girls are going wild for guys with these pants. Ooh, and a monocle!

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what style are you into. It kind of depends on what your personal style is.
I love these levi 511 skinny jeans and they’re pretty hot right now.

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Parachute pants and hot pants are da bomb, as the kids like to say.

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As @jaketheripper said, Levi 511s are hot right now if you can fit them.
I’d also recommend a nice go-to jean that works with almost anything: American Eagle dark wash straight leg slim fit. They’re a great jean that will work with any outfit. And they fit magnificently.

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guy or girl?

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I’m guessing guy because of the avatar. I guess I could be wrong.

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@lefteh i wear 38” waist and they look good just order a little larger than true size

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I would go with slim fit. Darn @lefteh took my response away. :(
Oh well. American Eagles pants are damn good and they last. The ones I have look just great, but his isn’t about me. @Mega91 You need to provide more details as to what gender and what type of person you are.

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Also, Members Only jackets are totally tight!

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Gonna have to go with the crowd here and tell you any straight-legged, fairly close-fitting pair of jeans are the way to go. The era of baggy jeans is long gone. You should be fine if you wear a pair fitting those criteria.

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I work at Diesel and there are really nice jeans. However, they are extremely pricey. Thank goodness for employee discounts ;)

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Take a female friend shopping. What girl could pass up the chance to dress a guy? A life size Ken doll!!! With a credit card.

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@Mtl_zack You get Diesel employee discounts!? Damn you!
@PandoraBoxx Please, the right kind of gay guy is much better than a female friend :)

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@lefteh 50% off! I also get “clothing allowance” which is when I get free clothes! :DDDDD

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@Mamradpivo are spatz optional with that look or are they required?

@Mega91, don’t listen to @AstroChuck – avoid the Members Only jacket. Don’t listen to @jaketheripper either. However, have you ever considered that maybe it isn’t the pants? Maybe it is the haircut. A mullet screams cool!!

Is it my imagination or does Marina have brilliant advice about every single topic?

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Skinny jeans, I’m pretty sure. But it’s hard to find a good pair if you’re not skinny. =/

But for really classic jeans that will never go out of style (and if they do, then screw fashion, anyway, because it doesn’t know what’s good anymore)—straight-leg jeans in a dark wash. They’re not trendy, but a staple sort of clothing item.

Brand name jeans are usually obscenely expensive for my budget, so I don’t have any suggestions there. It depends what you can afford or feel like spending for your jeans.

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@leftah, yes, gay guy would work, too. :-)

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Skinny fit hipster jeans.

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@SuperMouse Where did you find a picture of my ex-husband?

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@chyna oh la la, how could let that one go?

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Skinny Jeans!! my family’s friend gave me two pairs as a gift.
but yeah…i like @kyanblue ‘s answer it all depends..

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All of these are cool.

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My son prefers skinny skater jeans, so we found some Volcom jeans today at Macy’s for 50% off. My daughter, OTOH, prefers American Eagle straight jeans in extra long, but will settle for Old Navy (they were on sale today, too, for $19 a pair).

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Where I am, it’s the skinny jeans all the way for the under 30s (or under 40s if they look young enough). Dudes wear them with t-shirts and Chucks or Asics or Pumas or whatever old school trainers. Chicks wear theirs with blouse-y tops or layered tanks and colourful scarves wrapped round the neck or the hips and trainers or flats or slouchy suede pirate boots or 80s-era high heels.

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I would kill for my old Angels Flights. Of course I could never fit in them now.

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I was never aware that many distributed so much thought towards what pants they choose to purchase and wear. I own four or five pairs of boot-cut dark blue jeans which are all designed by the same company and that’s about all I wear on my lower body. It seems i’m not fashion savvy :)

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Get dark colored low rise regular or bootcut jeans and fit it well. Don’t go for the faux faded jeans look that have creases or lighter colors on the thigh area.
A lot recommend the levi’s 501 as a classic but I find it to common.
Some color recommendations are dark blue/indigo, dark brown black, and grey.
I’m recommending jeans since you can never have more than one and I did some reading up ‘cause I bought a pair recently.
If you really want a good fit, get customized jeans, a little pricey though.
Not much of a “skinny” jeans fan, though I have some. It’s a bit tight on that area. If you want something more loose but not regular fit, get a slim fit, which falls somewhere in between.
Loose fit jeans have a purpose on some occassions, just don’t let it hang too low that you can see your knickers and cloth drapes over your shoes. A nice solid color with a little shine, and perfect cuts will add some mass to your legs if you’re top overpowers you’re bottom too much or if you have skinny legs.

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@Nially_Bob—well, that’s basically what I do too. If neon-colored skinny jeans are in fashion and you stock up your wardrobe, you can’t wear them after the fad passes because they’re too flashy and attention-grabbing.

On the other hand, you can probably wear certain jeans forever, if they’re comfortable, of high quality (so they won’t fall apart) and look good on you.

Are people insulting the pants you wear because they look bad on you, they look bad in general, or they’re just not brand-name and trendy? Because if it’s the last reason I think you can safely ignore them.

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Skinny jeans. and take a female shopping with you too. :)

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Or a gay guy.

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I’ve noticed lately that skinny jeans are “in”. I don’t think the brand particularly matters, but if you are a rocker, brightly colored ones are exceptionally “cool”. Of course, many people do not have the body to wear skinny jeans well, so I suggest an article on how to pick jeans that compliment your figure.. I’ve also noticed that high waisted skirts with a black sort of cummerbund that you tuck your top into are “in” also.


Any kind that doesn’t droop down and expose one’s buttocks like some of those terrible low-rider jeans you see young people wearing these days! Egads.

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Every body is not the same. A good fit can make a challenging body look good.

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You sure you’re on the right site? Nobody here wears pants.

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