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Where in the Bay Area can I buy natural-fiber underwear and socks?

Asked by zina (1661points) July 25th, 2007

Preferably organic, fair trade, etc, and preferably inexpensive. Hopefully good quality (well made, long lasting). But any natural clothing spots are helpful.

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Doesn't American Apparel sell organic underwear?

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Patagonia fits the bill, and they sell underwear and socks.

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American Apparel "Organics" has briefs on sale right now. I have some that I've been planning on silkscreening and they are super cute.
Patagonia's briefs are in a nylon/spandex blend, but they do have a cute black thong made of recycled polyester.
I've been meaning to check out the new Sustainable line at Nordstrom. Free returns and the organic cottom undies are adorable. Plus, I know someone who does compliance work for the Nordstrom line and visits most of the lingerie factories abroad. Women employees are given maternity leave and there are even scholarship programs for many workers that live close enough to a university to attend classes. Nordstrom isn't perfect by any means, but I do trust that they are making improvements to be a more ethical company. Buying this product might encourage them to use more organic cotton in the rest of their clothing lines.

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There is a company called Wintersilks that offers an extensive line of natural fiber clothing including underwear. Not sure about their trading practices though—I suspect most of their items come from China.

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yea.. American Apparel has these. Plus everything they sell there is made in the US (specifically downtown LA i think). they dont use overseas sweatshops.

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The BEST that I have found is the soy fabric underwear for women at They are amazing, soft soyshorts. I LOVE THEM! The website explains well the eco-friendly process that they are made. A great price and a great product. A must try!

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I’m currently wearing my Icebreaker wool boxers. Best pair I’ve ever owned. I had them as my only pair of undies while hiking for a month and only ever rinsed them rivers and lakes, but they still didn’t smell by the time I finished! The wool comes from New Zealand (or is it Australia?) and they give you this ID number to check the farm the wool. (And no, they don’t itch!)

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Cotton is natural fiber….

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