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How do you get a 2 month old to nurse better during her fussiness period?

Asked by tan253 (2869points) May 14th, 2012

My beautiful darling is 2 months old and still has an extremely fussy time – its not as bad but now she almost doesn’t eat – she feeds but only for one let down and then pulls off – if I offer her the breast again she cries but she cries with her mouth over it and every now and then will latch but during let down will pull off and cry so I’m very confused – are there any tricks to help her feed longer?

She normally goes 5 hours of just really quick snack feeding – is this ok?

I’ll phone my la leche woman tomorrow but thought I’d ask here as you guys are extremely helpful.

She’s putting on weight and generally a very happy tear free baby just her fussy time is confusing the heck out of me and I’m worried she isn’t getting enough food.

ps : If I give her a bottle she does exactly the same thing.

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It’s not uncommon for babies to go through a fussy early evening period in their first few months. My daughter was fussy, like clockwork, around 6 to 7 pm at two months old. Nothing seemed to help. Usually after exhausting all possibilities I would just lay her down and watch the clock.

“They” say to not let an infant cry for more than five minutes without responding. It was the LONGEST five minutes ever, but, EVERY tome she would fall asleep at about the 4 minute mark. lol Then, after 45 minutes or an hour of napping she was her usual cheerful, easy going, self again.

I say don’t try to force her to your breast. Most likely she is either over stimulated or just tired, or both.
Babies are not textbook, if you’ve tried everything just let her be for awhile. The more you fuss the more she fusses.

Also..I was big on offering a small bottle of water. Babies need water too, and it gives them their sucking fix. I highly advocate getting her used to a bottle of water between feedings.

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I would quit trying the bottle, it isn’t helping and could actually confuse her and harm the breastfeeding that she is doing so well.
You may have to just ride this one out.
Does she seems soothed by a ride in the car, or when you vacuum? put in a sling or a swing?

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I swing her and do the 5 S’s that I got told about here on Fluther and that works – its’ just the nursing that has me worried – just that she isn’t getting enough.

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You say she is putting on weight, and if her Dr. thinks that it’s enough I wouldn’t worry about it. Is she still having plenty of wet diapers?
This is probably just a rough patch that the two of you will work through. I know that a crying fussy baby can be exhausting for a mom, is there anyone who can relive you so that you can get away from her for a few minutes? Take a shower or walk around the block? That might help to renew your spirit and also giving her a break from you might encourage her to be more receptive to your breast when you try again.
You seem to be doing such a great job with her. You ask great questions and are thoughtful and intuitive.
Your sweet baby is a lucky girl to have a mother like you.

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Moms worry too much and many talk themselves out of successful nursing. Like @wilma said, if the baby is gaining weight and has plenty of wet diapers she is getting enough.

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To clarify, I meant don’t give her formula or milk in a bottle. That can be detrimental to the nursing.
As @Coloma said a bottle of water sometimes is different. In very hot weather or when they are crying a lot and could be getting a bit dehydrated, a little water can be good. And just think how comforting your breast milk will be to her after that water bottle.

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@tan253 Relax lady. She’s putting on weight and sounds healthy. I was uptight around babies for a while. They let you know if things aren’t right. You’re doing great.

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@Adirondackwannabe – I should do more deep breathes and just have a bit more faith!
..... you’re all right of course, just so hard when you’re ‘in’ that moment when she’s crying and you’re not sure what you can do to help her – and you naturally assume it’s the breast! ( or I do) which I guess in the long run doesn’t help you or her – it was incredibly hot over the weekend so maybe she was a bit dehydrated…. but thanks again so much everyone – really does help and I love the support – I’m becoming a bit of a broken record now though so my apologies.


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@tan253 Oh that got to me so bad. She’s beautiful. Kleenex time. Laughs. Hang in there. They’re amazingly tough.

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@tan253 It could be that she is just looking to soothe herself at that time and she doesn’t want to eat. If she’s just trying to soothe herself on you, then your milk coming down could be why she’s upset since that isn’t what she wants (especially if she is doing it with a bottle too).

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She could be slightly gassy. Ask a pharmacist for simethicone for babies. It’s a really gentle medicine that neutralizes gas in the stomach. It worked wonders for my baby.

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