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Do you get a kick out of letting someone you don't like know it?

Asked by harple (10446points) May 15th, 2012

If you don’t like someone, do you like to make it clear to that person, either directly or indirectly? What do you get out of it? Does it make you feel better? Do you ever wonder how it makes them feel? Does that matter, if you don’t like them?

Does it achieve anything?

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No, I’m not a drama queen. I’m capable of coexisting with another person in a room.

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How often in real life does that happen to people? I would think the feelings would be mutual early on so doing anything further is asking for an ass woopin’ doncha think?

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Whether you voice it or not, if you truly dislike a person, they can generally tell by your body language.

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No, I enjoy running into people who don’t like me who don’t recognize me. I will smile, shake their hands, and in the middle of it tell them my name. It’s great fun watching their face fall.

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Heh! MilkyWay (candy bar) / WillWorkForChocolate! I should have seen the resemblence long ago! Why didn’t you tell us @WillWorkForChocolate? She’s turned into a darling girl in spite of you hiding her in the closet all those years!

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No, I don’t get a kick out of it. Okay, sometimes.

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lolll! ^^^^

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I get no pleasure out of hurting someone else, even someone I really don’t like. If they come to experience tragedy not of my doing and beyond my ability to prevent, I might appreciate the irony of their fate but I try not to wallow in Schadenfreude.

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I try not to let people I don’t like know it. They have to cope with whatever miseries made them unlikeable (to me) . I don’t have to add to that. I try to stay pleasant and out of their way as much as possible. Saves us both stress.

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No, but there have been a couple times where I’ve said to people “I do not like you” in a very serious tone. It was kind of refreshing, instead of all the talking-shit-behind-their-back and hiding-how-you-really-feel bullshit.

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Never really done that, but people I don’t like get the idea, usually. If I want someone to leave me alone or something, I may say something to that allure, but not to feel good or anything; just so they leave me be.

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If you don’t like them for what kinds of reasons? That is a key piece of info. Most people don’t need to be told anyway.

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No extra effort is usually needed.
It’s pretty obvious if I don’t like you.

However, I’ve had to make the extra effort to let people know that I don’t dislike them.

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If they are in my personal life, I just don’t associate with them. If they are in my work life, I keep it professional and whether I like them or not is not relevant to their completion of the task.

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I fucking hate all of you.

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On rare occasion, yes and it’s such a fine line between feeling shame and smug righteousness. Luckily, there are less than 5 people in my life so far I bother with like that.

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@Michael_Huntington is a liiiiar! Liar liar pants on fire!

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I can’t say that I enjoy it, and it takes me being in a very stressful mood to let someone know that I don’t care for them, or the way that they’re behaving. I enjoy not going down that road.

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No. I try hard not to show it and just work at getting along in a civil fashion, even if not especially warmly. But some responses are involuntary and very difficult to control. I have a hard time making eye contact with someone I truly dislike, and an even harder time managing to include a smile in my responses. I know my voice tends to get flat and expressionless, and my answers are typically very brief and perfunctory.

My preferred treatment of people I dislike but can’t help seeing now and then is simply avoidance, as smooth and discreet and undramatic as possible.

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No. I don’t like conflict.

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Nope. If I don’t care for someone, it would be a waste of time.

I work with people that I realmay not care for them for various reasons. I however have to work with them professionally, so I do just that.

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Awesome question. I’ve wondered this myself. I do know some people who seem to enjoy making their disfavor with another human being very evident. Either by saying something to their face, or saying something against them within earshot..

I see it as if they want to pick a fight. Not necessarily a physical fight, but they’re open to it if it comes to that. Even if they would get their asses kicked. It’s almost like they want to prove publicaly (or with a story to brag about) how much the person they don’t like can’t handle knowing the fact that they dislike them.

And/Or it’s as if these people feel they would be morally reprehensible not to allow the people they don’t like to know that they don’t like them. Maybe they just feel they would be being dishonest or something..

As for me, I would say that’s a very misplaced sense of duty. I’m no different than these people in that I act according to my own sense of duty, but it just so happens that I believe we have a greater and more useful duty to get along with one another than to stir up trouble with people who kind of irk us.. or who irk us a lot sometimes. Peace is very important to me.

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I would very rarely tell someone ‘I don’t like you’. I rarely feel dislike for anyone so strongly that I need to do this and if I do dislike them that strongly, I can usually avoid them. I wouldn’t want to deliberately hurt someone unless they were a complete asshat.

I know I am a really bad actress though and if I don’t like you, you will know. I don’t fake it very well. It isn’t that I want to upset or hurt the person, I am just not good at hiding my feelings.

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Depends if they’re properly annoying dingbats, then it’s them who get the kick, either up the arse or right in the nuts.
I’m such a tolerant, gentle soul, unless you’re a a complete head of a dick.

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I hate hurting people, so no. I don’t think I’ve actually ever told anyone I didn’t like them.

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I’ve never told anyone I don’t like them. It’s my problem that I don’t like them, I don’t see why they need to know about it, unless there was some obvious conflict that needed to come to the surface to be resolved; but that’s never happened to me.

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