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Why does it sometimes itch when I pull out a white hair?

Asked by Nimis (13225points) May 17th, 2012

Yeah. I actually did pull out a regular strand for comparison.
Not itchy like the white one. What’s up with that?

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Maybe because the white ones are thicker? So the hole they make when you pull them out is bigger?

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I believe most white or clear hairs are coarse or kinky so they move, ever so slightly the hairs around them making us itch in that spot. That’s how I found a few, by parting the surrounding hair strands until I found the strangeling.

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It’s the dead cells that made it itchy I guess.

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I think @lainesteel hit it on the head. Probably has to do with the dead cells.

Though I also wonder why white hairs are thicker than usual (like @jca and @Neizvestnaya both mentioned). Besides pigment, they seem rather robust.

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