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What do you think will be the subject of my 500th question on Fluther?

Asked by rebbel (31322points) May 18th, 2012

Or, what should it be?

This is 499, by the way. (Thanks, @janbb!)

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Is this it?

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@janbb The next one is.

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That was Option B.

In that case , I think your question should be:

Why is @janbb the most marvelous Penguin on the Web?

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dildoes. or Sartre’s politics. either one.

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Why do people living outside of the USA display a better grasp of the English language?
congorats on 499!

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Why are men from the Netherlands so attractive and smart?

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@chyna ‘s FTW!! Fyrius and Oratio were very attractive and smart. :-)

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I remember them!

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(Both great guys: I really miss teasing Fyrius.)

This is Social – right?

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“Here is a picture of my friends showing their approval of my question style. Can you guess what their initials spell?”

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The pros & cons of self indulgence?

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There was also 14 year old Davie (Klauss IRL, I think) and one of the Vincent’s. Their use of English was scary and demoralizing.

@rebbel: If you skip the penguin question by default, there is always Milo.

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And whitenoise.

It would be default of @rebbel if he skipped the penguin question.

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At what point does up become out?

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It will be NSFW for sure.

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Sex, I hope.

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Your 501th question on Fluther?

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I could tell you but then I would have to kill you. Lol.

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Will it be a leading question or one of the unled???

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Don’t forget Markyy in that group!

“What should I do to celebrate this, my 500th question?”

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Hey, no problem, you’re more than welcome!

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Thanks all, I think I will go with @ucme‘s suggestion ;-)

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…& no GA on that self same question, hmmm….methinks maybe I hit a nerve perhaps ;¬}

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My apologies, @ucme, it must have slipped my mind (my policy is to give GA’s to all answers on all my questions, no matter if I like the answer or not I am giving GA’s to my “Yes or No” question from two months ago on a daily basis).
Your “self-indulgence” answer from yesterday was the one that gave me the biggest smile!

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There you go, that didn’t hurt a bit, now did it?
There’s a good lad ;¬}

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