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If someone asks a question about ants, do you imagine them crawling on your hands and legs?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) May 19th, 2012

Ant season.

So inevitably there are ants climbing on me occasionally. I find that the slightest suggest makes me think there are ants where there are none – hair on the back of my neck brushing my collar, a speck of dry tea in the cup, a wisp of wind.

That happen to you?

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Now it does. Thanks a lot.

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Ticks. Mention of ticks do that to me.

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Haha…no. I’m not afraid of any critter, but my daughter is ant phobic from having her bedroom invaded when she was little once. She swears she can SMELL them and it makes her sick. lol

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My kids swear the original builder of our house kept slaves in our dirt floor cellar!

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No, no I don’t.

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@ucme Bet you would if bawls his out!

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@Coloma formic acid. She could smell them.

I like crawling in creepy-crawly places. The only thing that bothers me is mosquitos. Sometimes I imagine them there when they aren’t.

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Nope but it does instantly recall the scent and taste of what a mouthful of tiny black ants are like. Thanks @6rant6

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Lately, I’ve been getting bit up by ants while doing a large garden project. So the question just made me check to see if I brought any inside with me.

For me, it’s difficult to talk about fleas without feeling my skin crawl.

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The only thing that completely disgusts me are tapeworms. Gah! I once had a stray cat that vomited up a huge tapeworm, I almost passed out having to clean that up. haha

Last night my cat brought in a garter snake and it pooped on my hand when I was taking it back outside, that was pretty gross but I coped. :-/

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No, I do not get antsy thinking about ants. My brother, on the other hand . . .

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It did as I read your question! The little tiny ones all over my hands. Stopped when I finished reading.

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@6rant6 Still a no.

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I first thought you meant the person asking was crawling on their hands and knees with a magnifying glass, examining them to draw their pictures.
It’s frequently really weird inside of my head.

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I tend to swat or attack anything that looks like a Lyme tick, including bits of black tea, mouse turds, toast crumbs and driveway gravel that sticks to MIlo’s fur.

Given that you usually can’t feel a tick on you (they must wear 8 knitted booties on their legs), the tickle that ant uses to announce his presence is just fine.

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Not ants, but when someone mentioned their kid had lice (scratch, scratch as soon as I typed the word)

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I think about sex. But I think about sex every 16 seconds so a person could be asking me about ants, the weather, the Lakers, their lost TV remote, Hitler, ice cream….anything…and I think about sex.

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I’m the other way round with mosquitos. I imagine there are none around and then notice I am wrong again.

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Nah, ants and me man, we’re like this. ’‘crosses fingers’’

But no I don’t imagine ants all over me if they’re being talked about.

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