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Now that Donna has seen her last Summer, which classic disco tunes of her, (or any other) generation were your favourites?

Asked by ucme (50037points) May 19th, 2012

Let’s dance!

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Love to Love you Baby –

Now that is sexy.

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Definitely I Feel Love. It sounds so neat when you listen to it on real big headphones (not earbuds). It sounds like the music is going through your head, back and forth from one side to the other.

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Good choices, but as I say, doesn’t have to be any of her’s.
Uh-huh, that’s right!

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Super Freak, by Rick James, who, as we know, turned out to actually be a super freak.

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You are shitting me, @lillycoyote!

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Ditto what @Kardamom wrote up there, it was one of our best roller skating tunes. My friends and I had custom decal t-shirts with Bad Girls on them which we wore once a month to the rink.

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@bkcunningham LOL. I didn’t check out your link. You just pasted in the url so I didn’t know it was Super Freak too. LOL.

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We posted it at almost the exact same second. RIP Donna Summer, Rick James and disco.

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@bkcunningham O.K. That must be why I didn’t see it. I didn’t check out your link until I saw you “you shitting me” comment. :-)

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“I Will Survive”

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Hot Stuff.

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I was pretty upset by her passing. I think my favorite was Try Me I Think We Can Make It If We Try.

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Earth Wind and Fire – September
Boogie Wonderland and my all time favourite Earth Wind and Fire disco tune Fantasy

Makes me want to get out my disco clothes and boogie.

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Get’s @ucme up on the floor for some Disco Inferno

We should all have a ’celebration of Donna’s amazing Disco style.

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I really like Don’t Leave Me This Way by Thelma Houston. Another favorite is Patrick Hernandez’ Born to be Alive. I know it’s repetitious but it kind of grows on you….
If I had to pick my favorite Donna Summers songs I guess I’d have to say Dim All the Lights and MacArthur Park

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This was a good one to do the bump to.

(…and wow, look at the hair. There’s something totally alien about 70’s hair. Thank goodness it’s not making a comeback, yet…)

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I was a big Donna Summer fan. Saw her live too – with accidental front-row seats. It was an amazing show.

Dim all the lights sweet darling, ‘cuz tonight it’s you and me – hey baby.

Aside from Donna’s music (she was a Boston gal, dont’cha know), I also really liked the Bee Gees.

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I didn’t know she was a Boston girl.

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@Bellatrix Well, it’s settled. You are my kind of gal. Citing Fantasy and September as your faves. Fantasy also reminds me of the movie Private Tutor with Sylvia Kristel ( arrh..) And what I wouldn’t do to return to the 80’s and dance to September as a teen again! Lol.

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Steps out on the Fluther dance floor with @mazingerz88 and boogies to Fantasy.

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Cheers folks, good stuff!

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Robin Gibb has died.

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@bkcunningham: My wife just read that to me. How sad. As I mentioned above, I also loved the BeeGees. Disco greats dropping left and right.

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Sad to see him go but good that he isn’t suffering any more.

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I hope nobody minds but I thought I would put a link to a couple of the Bee Gees songs. I don’t think @ucme will mind if Donna and Robin (who added so much to the world of disco and in the case of the Bee Gees, music generally) share this thread.

I started a joke.

And one of my favourite Bee Gees songs. Words

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She’s right, of course I don’t mind. May be my question, but as always, it’s the “community’s” thread :¬)
Was never a fan of the Bee Gee’s, but Robin’s passing could certainly be described as a Tragedy

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This isn’t disco, and it’s not really, of course, the right time of year for it… but I wanted to post it because it’s easy to dismiss Donna Summer as just pop singer, as just a “disco diva,” just fluff, but she really had a tremendous talent and this is another side of her that should be acknowledged and remembered too. I think she does an absolutely beautiful job with with song.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

A Christmas classic, beautifully rendered by Ms. Summer, I think.


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