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How much do you think your work or your job makes up who you are as a person?

Asked by jca (36054points) May 21st, 2012

Everyone is multi-faceted. We have children, parents, lovers, spouses, siblings, hobbies, intellectual pursuits (or lack of), health, and work.

How much do you think your work or job makes up who you are as a person? How much does your job overlap into the rest of your life? Do you cut it off at the end of the work day or do you socialize with work friends, travel with coworkers, or spend time with work and thinking about work when you’re not actually doing work?

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About 50%
Don’t think about work when I am away.
Rarely if ever work unpaid overtime
Have no friends from work – outside of work
My normal hours are 6 to 330 or 4 (with a long lunch to swim or play basketball or cycle) this way I am home early with my family and I can run errands and beat traffic both morning and afternoon.

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I work to live my lifestyle, so my job is not my life. I do my job, then forget about it after work. I don’t mind hanging out with people from work, but I stay out of anything political or deceitful. I personally don’t believe in cutting throats to climb the ladder. I’m forever a nice guy :)

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About 50% work/career
30% Husband/Father
20% Me as an island

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Seeing as how my “job” is to be the stay-home mom who holds down the fort and takes care of everything, it currently makes up 100% of who I am as a person. If stay-home moms got a paycheck for what they did, I’d be getting paid for about 20 different jobs, LOL! These kiddos and all their messes and activities really wear me out and I’m usually too tired (and too anti-social) to publicly socialize. I prefer to live vicariously through my Fluther and Facebook friends, haha. It takes up about 95% of my life with younger kids. When they’re older, hopefully that percentage will drop. =0)

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Zero. I don’t identify with any externals as to my self worth. My work is an extension of my basic personality, but it is not the totality of me. I learned long ago that when one over identifies with anything, be it a job, a relationship, material items that when these things disappear, and they will, everything is of a transient nature, you suffer.

The secret of life is to hold on loosely, learn to live with uncertainty and be ever flexible and adaptable. Anything else is a set up for misery.

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My job has helped to introduce me to who I really am deep inside. My job sometimes puts so much pressure and stress on me that it rips away my facade. It turns out that I’m really pretty assertive and lose all of my tact when the heat is on me.

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I don’t hang out with my co workers after work, and most of my friends don’t have a complete understanding of what I do. I enjoy my industry (I work for a stock exchange) and it makes for interesting conversation sometime, but it is not me.

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Not at all. My job is just something I do because I don’t want to live in poverty. I’m not one of the lucky ones who gets to do something I love for a living, and I’m not one of the unlucky ones out on the streets or in a sweatshop. I’m just a cog in a bigger machine who works conscientiously for eight hours and then goes home. I do my job, and I do it well, but then I don’t think about it at all after quitting time.

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I’m still just a student, but I think my studies are a big part of who I am. Science is more than just a subject of study, it’s a state of mind for me. Doing math or writing a program is just an extension of the logical way in which my mind works.

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Currently it’s about 15–20% of my psyche. In the past I have socialized with co workers to where I felt I was maybe 40% job and this was an issue of discontent with my SO at the time. The very best blend ever was when my ex husband and I had our own business because our friends and family became customers and new customers became social friends.

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Very little.

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It is me. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference

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I think the other way around. My job is what I make it because of who I am.

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My work as a college instructor makes me happy to a delirious degree. It makes up a lot of my personhood because it combines interacting with others, social justice, new ideas, communication, passion, helping others, etc.

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I typically prefer to leave my work behind me, which is why I can’t watch NASCAR or other similar things since I work with tools for a living, and racing (though I’m not a car mechanic) reminds me too much of work. I could never work at a job that becomes a major part of my life, and whom I associate with has nothing to do with their profession or job. Actually I find that I get along better with people who don’t work in my field, since I find that I generally just don’t have the same interests outside of work like they do. I like my work, but I don’t want it to become a part of my life outside of it since I have varied interests.

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