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Do you feel TUMBLR is not properly regulated in regards to content or authorship?

Asked by gottamakeart (1323points) May 21st, 2012

I left TUMBLR after being on it briefly. The reason being it seemed to have absolutly no way of controlling who shared what- namely some very disturbing graphic images, not to mention other people’s Artwork being plagarized.

I don’t even know how anyone could have an offensive or missappropriated post completly removed from the website once it has been re-blogged multiple times.

What do YOU think of how the site is set up? I think it needs a serious re-do.

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Tumblr’s terms and conditions are specific in that they do not censor content, even adult content. As long as it’s legal (no pedophilia etc).

The simple answer is if you don’t want to see offensive or inappropriate stuff, stop looking at Tumblr blogs. And if you don’t want your work plaigarised… don’t post it anywhere on the internet.

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I don’t get the first part of your complaint. People get to use their blogs however they want (within legal restrictions), so why are you getting upset over people having different interests than you (and so sharing things you wouldn’t share)? That just makes no sense. If you don’t like what’s on someone’s blog, don’t look at their blog. Not liking someone else’s images doesn’t justify universal censorship on your behalf.

With regard to the second part of your complaint, Tumblr’s take-down policy and contact information can be found here. It was really easy to find this information because it was linked from the site’s main page. Once the source image is removed, all rebloggings are immediately removed as well thanks to the way that Tumblr’s sharing architecture works. Seems pretty efficient to me.

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The main reason I hit up tumblr is for the gay porn, so I can’t say I want to see the place screened for content.

If you don’t like what some people post, just don’t follow those people. Problem solved.

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The best way to think of Tumblr is not as a single website, but as a blog hosting service. They may be the website that hosts the blogs, but the actual content of the blog is almost completely controlled by the individual owner of that blog.

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