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Simile for this phrase?

Asked by BBawlight (2432points) May 25th, 2012

I’m writing a Fanfiction called ‘Insanity is a Gift’ and I really need a simile for this.
You know those water slides with the sit in tubes and you go down them and land in this giant bowl? Like a toilet bowl ride. Well, Mello (the main character) is going on one of those rides and says “I swirl around like a ________”
Can you fill in the blank with the rest?

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Like a log in a whirlpool? lol

Like an insect (your choice) above a sewer drain?

It really needs context as to what mood you are setting with it.

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@XOIIO Heh well it’s a humorous mood because I’m making him freak out on the slide so…

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Like a turd being flushed

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Soap suds down the shower drain.

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@bewailknot that’s what my younger brother said.

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@BBawlight I guess great minds think alike. LOL

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like a canoe in a whirlpool. . .

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I don’t know. The only one I could think of is right away was ”like the house in the tornado, in _The Wizard of Oz” and that one is a little wordy. The swirling house comes in at about 2:34 in the video if you want to take a look.

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like the last bit of water in the tub?

like i was riding the tilt-a-whirl?

like a soggy merry-go-round?

like a drunken ballerina?

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Leaf circling a drain. An ant in the kitchen sink. A spider in the bathtub,

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Well, you could say simply “swirl around like Dorothy”, and assume that most English-speaking people would get the simple reference.

Or… “a spider in the shower”, if you’d like to add some alliteration.

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Like a racing bike in a velodrome.

Like a loogie in crude boy’s mouth.

Like the remnants of a teeth cleaning down a dentist’s sink.

Like mouthwash in a gargler’s throat.

Like the last bit of scotch on the rocks before she reluctantly agrees to go out into the night with him, to be with him.

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Cow in a tornado

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I swirl around like pulp in a glass of lemonade
I swirl around like a child spinning in circles
I swirl around like Listerene in my cheeks
I swirl around like the hips of a belly dancer

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I swirl around like my laundry during the spin cycle.

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