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What kind of pipe does Gandalf smoke?

Asked by blakemasnor (320points) May 29th, 2008

In Lord of The Rings Gandalf the Grey is seen smoking a very long stemmed pipe. Does anyone know what this is called?

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Those pipes are charming; but I’m going to divert the question for a moment, because
I have a soapbox item for you.
My darling husband smoked many different kinds of substances in many different
kinds of formats for 60 years. Then he died.
I will always love him utterly; and I love you too, whoever you are, and I want you to
back off on smoke. I know it’s the hardest thing in the world to do. Do it for us; do it
for you.

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It’s called a churchwarden

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“Finest weed in the south.”

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Was it a briar or clay churchwarden?

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Can’t tell. Clay pipes are light colored, generally, and Gandalf’s is black, so I don’t think clay. (Frankly it’s probably some polymer from the props shop)

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I’ll answer this one straight…no joking around…

The pipe style is similar to a churchwarden, meant to be used in contemplative times.

As to its construction/materials…I really don’t remember briar being mentioned in any of the Ring Trilogy books nor of any of the other Middle Earth tomes, so…

It is not without possibility that the bowl is formed from a hardwood—apple, walnut or possibly ash—the wood would need to be a fairly dense grain and season well.

I trade with Pipes & Cigars and they carry the MacQueen line of artisan pipes. The pipes…which come in a wide variety of shapes…mostly hand-carved, are very much like the pipes smoked by the Hobbits and Gandalf…

Here is the URL to the page—

Take a look. Never bought one. Not my style. I have regular churchwardens, and I really never smoke them….

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