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Why does my friend sign her correspondence "zzss"?

Asked by serenade (3784points) May 29th, 2012 from iPhone

She’s a feisty older lady who used to be a nurse. Her initials are the “ss”. What is the “zz” for?

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Why don’t you ask her?

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I like the mystery?

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It means she wants a scotch and soda. Then she’ll happily go to sleep.

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She must love ginger!

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Or @Sunny2, given the order, she will have a nap and then a scotch and soda as her wake-up tipple.

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How older is she?

Maybe she’s mistaking xxx’s with zzz’s?

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Because it looks really cool. “Z” is so much cooler that “S”. Dah. Or maybe she is a zombie. So the “ZZ” stands for “Zombie zombie”.

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Or perhaps her name is really Zondra Zorro…

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It’s her way of saying “Give Me All Your Loving” by short reference to ZZ Top.

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I feel silly that I don’t know what PAX means when people put it on the end of a letter.

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Dont feel silly @Judi. I have no idea either.

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Pax, it is Latin for “peace.”

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@Bellatrix: given the order, she will have a nap and then a scotch and soda as her wake-up tipple.

Thanks for giving me a wake-up giggle. :D

@serenade: Are you sure they are Z’s? Could they be some other letter?

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Zaaap… zaaap!

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Is she an old kraut by chance?
If so, in German:

ZZ Zur Zeit (for now)

In other words, she’s signing off by saying “That’s all for now” SS

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@SpatzieLover- I think her background is English, but that is the best educated guess I can imagine. Now I have something to take with me if I decide to ask her.

All our correspondence is digital; it’s definitely “zzss”.

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