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Have you used Axiron?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) May 30th, 2012

On another site I came across an ad for Axiron. It is a topical roll-on synthetic testosterone treatment made by Eli Lilly. It’s a new drug that they seem to be pushing pretty hard. If you have had any experience with this drug, I would love to hear your reviews. Thanks.

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I’ve never heard of this particular one, but I do know that topically-applied testosterone (gels, creams, patches etc) is mostly ineffective for the purposes of female-to-male transition, and intra-muscular injection is the only truly effective treatment. Topical T can be useful as a supplemental treatment for specific effects, for instance applied directly to the genital area to encourage clitoral growth – however you’d have to get regular blood tests to ensure that overall blood-testosterone level wasn’t rising too high. Excess T is converted to estrogen which is a bad thing.

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@downtide: Hey, thanks for rescuing this orphan. My endo has already told me that topical stuff is a no-go for the kind of results I’m looking for. But I was hoping to use topical for a maintenance dose in a few years or so; my endo said this was a possibility, and I would love to not be doing IM injections for the rest of my life. (I already take about 10 subcutaneous a day, haha).

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Ouch that’s a lot.

Here in the UK when beginning transition we start with IM injections of Sustanon or Enanthate, once every 4 weeks or so. However, after a couple of years they like to switch us on to Nebido which is just 4 shots a year on average. Have a chat with your endo about that, Nebido (or some equivalent) might be available there too.

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@downtide: Wow, thank you for the info! 4 shots a year?? Amazing. We’ve got a totally different regime going on in the US. It’s generally testosterone cypionate every one or two weeks, or once a month. I’ll definitely check up on this when I get back home!

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