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What annoys you most about old people?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) June 28th, 2011

I just had to ask, with all the thoughts on who is annoying I got to thinking about what annoyed me about old people; and I am old. What annoys be about old people and older people than I is:

• Trying to get them to embrace any new technology is often like pulling teeth.
• The expect you to move out of the way when they zip by on their PMDs (Personal Mobility Devices)
• They expect service people, or anyone that interacts with the public to bend over backwards for them.
• They are more of a grump than I am.
• They don’t want to do anything that seem the least bit physical.

Those are some of the high marks on what annoys me about old people. What would you add, or what about old people annoys you?

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-Their tendency to speak very loud, very slow English to non-Americans who speak perfect English.
-Their tendency to vote in disproportionate numbers for policies that benefit themselves while completely fucking over the rest of the American electorate.
-How slow they move in lines, and while driving.

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All the great stories they have about the old days..nah, I like that.

Their manners are generally much better than those of younger people…hmm I like that as well…

Let me get back to you.

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I actually like old people. It’s young people that annoy me. And I am quite young.
I really enjoy watching my grandma use facebook. It is hilarious. Recently, I taught her how to right-click with her mouse. I bought her a wireless keyboard and mouse, and now she rocks in her rocking chair while computing.
My grandpa used to be a history professor, and he is fascinating to listen to. He was alive during events that I consider ancient history. He won’t touch any sort of technology though, and the wireless phone proved to be too much for him, so we had to replace it with a wired one.

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I respect old people too much so I’m just going to say that I wish some would put the pedal to the metal more often lol.

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I can’t think of one thing that annoys me about the elderly in general.

Hmm. The only thing remotely close to annoyance is chronic grumpy older people. I get a bit annoyed by older people that are bitter, especially towards younger people. But I do not meet many that are that way.

To the people who think the elderly drive too slow ..jeez you should come to my province. I’ve known more elderly that are heavy on the gas pedal than not, lol. My grandmother is one of them – if she’s coming, you better get out of her way!

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@athenasgriffin My grandpa was in WW2, and I really regret not asking him about it before he died. Us younger folks should learn to appreciate old people more. I really hate how they’re viewed by so many as used up and worthless. Quite the contrary.

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Their dress sense. Only because it serves as a constant reminder that one day, I too, will be full of admiration for all things beige :¬(

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@FutureMemory I completely agree. I don’t think, like some do, that people become less valuable as they age. My other grandpa died, and I really regret not doing as much with him as I could have. He was such a character, and I think my life was enriched just by knowing him.

But I’m going to annoy people with my positive memories on a question about the negatives of aging. I can’t really say I’m fond of my grandpa’s wardrobe. But at the same time, it is uniquely him.

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The insistence that I respect them just because they’re old. With the advent of modern medicine, that’s not quite the feat it once was, and you can grow old without growing mature. Respect is still earned, no matter how old you are.

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I am 66, does that qualify me as old?

If so let me dispel your theory…

-I am very computer literate, I have a certificate in computer graphics and my own iPhone4.
-I don’t have a PMD but I personally get annoyed with the baby buggy bunch who insist on ramming into me in the supermarket with their oversized prams filled with kids old enough to be walking.
-I expect politeness from service people, after all I am the customer.
-I am occasionally grumpy but most of the time I am quite even tempered, although questions like this do test me a tad.
-I run anywhere from 20–30 kilometers a week, usually swim laps for an hour or so and go bike jouring with my dog. So I generally do something very sweaty at least 5 days a week and sometimes more. I am in training for a 10k coming up in July.

Is there anything else you would like to discuss?

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@rooeytoo ; I’m old too, but I still get annoyed with old driving. Especially if they’re wearing hats.
Actually, I have found that just about anyone who wears a hat while driving is annoying.

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@rooeytoo In Hypo’s defense, he described himself as old in the details of his question.

I don’t think he’s older than maybe mid 40’s though…I may be wrong.

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They die too soon and leave us behind.

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@FutureMemory – wow, I always thought HC was a female, heheheh. @Hypocrisy_Central, as far as I am concerned that is a great compliment so don’t get grumpy! No matter, HC is more than capable of defending himself, no need for you to take on the job.

I figured this question was in response to the one regarding what is annoying about teenagers.

Let’s face it, age is like gender, race, and everything else over which we have no control, there are some real jerks and some real winners in each group. So truly I was just letting you know what a wonderful old person I personally am. The rest will have to speak for themselves, well if they can figure out how to turn on the puter!

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@Judi What’s wrong with wearing hats whilst driving?

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@FutureMemory I am a ”Half A Buck Chuck” which is 50. I am old. I go off the NFL criteria, if I were old enough they would not give me top dollar and be begging me to retire because I am too old for them to renew my contract, I am old.

@rooeytoo I applaud you for being active, even more than I, also for being technically savvy. People think it is some form of magic when I tell them I never buy computers off the shelf but buy the parts and build it myself so I have exactly what I want. I never really had a lead foot because I never really like paying speeding tickets. Not everyone old are as I said, but too many are, I feel.

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@PluckyDog ; I think it must constrict the brain cells because everyone who wears a had whiltst driving drives like an idiot. I used to think it was just old men in hats, then I realized it was anyone in a hat. Test it out. Next time you see someone doing something stupid on the road, odds are they are wearing a hat.

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@Judi I wear a hat almost all my waking hours (especially out in public). So, I drive with a hat on. I’m a very good driver because I’m very aware. I’m always paying attention to the drivers around me. Oh, and unlike many people in my city, I actually use a turn signal. :P
Most of the bad drivers I get the privilege of sharing the road with are young or middle aged. They are usually driving sport motorcycles, sport cars or overly large vehicles (oh and once in awhile I get the psycho soccer mom’s in SUV’s).

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@PluckyDog , and if you are going slower than someone behind you, will you keep to the right?

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@Judi Well, yeah I’m a very courteous driver.

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I can honestly say that I am the least judgmental of old people than I am of anyone else. I can’t remember the last time I felt annoyed by an old person.

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@YARNLADY nailed it. Cherish your time with your parents and grandparents. They leave this world far too soon. And remember, if the gods are willing, you’ll be old someday too.

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When they bitch and moan about how bad things are now, but turn a blind eye on the negative things of the past.

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When they think I won’t tell them their views are wrong just because of their age. An idiot can be of any age.

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The fact that they’ve fooled themselves into thinking that “kids these days” are so profoundly worse than kids in their day and that some day I will inevitably think that way too… :(

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They aren’t very good drivers.

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I know this is true for most some young people as well, but older people seem to think that because of the fact that they’re older, they know everything.
Also, when they think they’re always right.
I’m big, you’re little, I’m right, you’re wrong. And there’s nothing you can do about it…

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I agree that many older people are not very good drivers. Reactions and reflexes are slow and they are very cautious; overly so to young people who are in a hurry. And they keep driving because it’s thee only convenient way of getting around. There should be more road tests for drivers over the age of 70 or 75.

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I am a computer savvy old person, well on my way to becoming a really old person. My personal mobility device has two wheels and disc breaks so you better not get in my way, especially if I’m going down a mountain trail.

The only thing that bothers me about old people is their complaining about their ailments and saying that today’s kids are worse than we were kids. As I recall, my dad’s generation said that about us.

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@Ron_C yeah but these kids really are worse than my generation was!!! :-)

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@Ron_C If kids cannot go to the back of the gym and settle their beef with a round or two of fisticuffs if it comes to that, instead of having to resort to pistols, then they are worse.


They’re slow and get in the way when you need to do something urgently fast. Like in a long line-up at the store, or when they drive 10 miles per hour in a 35 mile speed zone and you got to take your child to the hospital.

You got to holler at them or else they don’t hear you, and when you don’t they get mad at you.

Some of them can be very grumpy, old coots who hold racist views.

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@Blackberry I wish some would put the pedal to the metal more often lol.

Why do I always get the little old ladies riding my ass when I’m driving? Why are they in such a hurry?

It must be the free coffee at Hardees~

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Is it only me or does anyone else smile and think “yeah!” whenever @jonsblond says “riding my ass”?


@jonsblond They overdosed on the Ex-Lax and are trying to find the closest Texaco restroom.

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you fellas made me smile :D

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I get along well with most older people, but it annoys me when some of them think that just because they are old, they are also wise. Wisdom comes not only from age but also from a willingness to learn and consider new ideas. And, after all, doesn’t true wisdom come from the realization of how much one doesn’t know?

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I evaluate everyone, young or old on an individual basis.

I also think that our views of the “elderly” are often impatient and disrespectful.
In our fast paced society and obscene achievement oriented culture we tend to objectify older people as useless and a bother. I disagree…our culture is one of the few that don’t honor their elderly as wise tribal members, if they are, infact, wise, not just ancient assholes

Personally I think one should not be so quick to make blanket statements about anyone or any group…ya know, your turn is coming and one day you will be the elderly person.

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@Coloma Isn’t saying that the elderly are wise itself a blanket statement?

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@Aethelflaed I didn’t say that..I said ” IF” they are.
I agree that age has nothing to do with wisdom, some old dogs never do learn new tricks. lol

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I find complainers of any age objectionable, but it does seem as if older people complain more. I bet you that people who are young complainers, become old complainers. It’s a way of life. I steer clear of them.

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@Sunny2 – around fluther it seems as if the young ones are always complaining about how the old ones have destroyed the earth, the economy, etc. etc. Of course they are doing this by using electricity to run their computers so I take it with a grain of salt. As you said some people are born complainers and that doesn’t seem to change throughout their lives.

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