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Towing/trailer question?

Asked by mowens (8397points) May 31st, 2012

Hello. I have a trailer that has a 5 pin connector. (5th being the electronic brake assist. However, it does have an inersia based breaking system as well. When it feels itself getting closer to the truck, it applies the breaks.

On the back of my truck, I have a 7 pin connector, and a 4 pin connector.

The 5 pin connector on the trailer is not long enough to reach the truck. I need some sort of extension cable/ converter.

Where do I find a 5 pin to a 7 pin cord?

I have a brake controller, but I have not installed it yet. So I do want to have it in the 7 pin connector, so it can utilize the electronic brakes.

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If you don’t get an answer here the service department at your dealer for your truck will probably know.

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4 pin and 7 pin connectors are the standard. However five pin are used for disengaging OR disabling the inertia brakes.
However some trailer systems have a breakaway connection through the fifth wire, so it will stop the trailer when the hitch comes off.

You need to know which way the trailer is set-up and have a PROFESSIONAL wire the truck to the connector. Modern vehicle’s wiring system don’t like the connector added to the wiring harness at the wrong place. The wrong place and blown fuse or flashing faults on the dashboard.

You may also need a special heavy duty flasher for turn signals and hazard lights.

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