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Moms with daughters- what are your favorite things to do on a "girls' day"?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) May 31st, 2012

What do you like doing with your daughters when you take them on a “girls’ day”? Get massages? Have your nails done? See a movie? Go shopping?

We had a fabulous day today, which included lunch, a nail appointment, and hair appointments. They’re all “prettied up” now and keep talking about how much fun they had.

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Movies and shopping, but of course! :-)

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It really doesn’t matter. I just like spending a carefree day with her. Even just a long walk on a beautiful day is fun. I’m not to into the pedicure stuff or nail stuff, but I do enjoy going to a movie and then maybe out for a wicked slice of chocolate cake and a drink, or cake and a delicious cappacino.
Sometimes staying home and eating stuff that is evil and watching animae is also great. (If its a rainy day)

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This isn’t quite the same type of thing, but it is still a special memory of time with my daughter. She was 14 and being about as difficult to be around as a teen can be. She wanted to get extensions braided into her hair but I just didn’t have that kind of money at the time. We bought the “hair” and I braided it in for her – 11 hours that she had to spend with me, and we actually had a good time.

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Getting our nails done is always fun and eating out at a “fancy” place. Anything where we can spend time together doing things that we normally don’t.

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I’m a daughter, but my mom and I love to go shopping together in the outlet malls. The outlet malls are fun because they’re cheaper than normal stores, and it’s outdoors. So, in a way you can get a little exercise/walking time in.

I like going for a jog with my mom, because it helps me stay in shape for volleyball and lacrosse.

And, since we live in Ohio, we go hiking. Or, during the summer, sit out by the pool, and tan.

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I like to go to the cinema with my daughters – that we don’t share the same taste in films means we each often see something we normally wouldn’t.


Tomorrow my daughter and I are going to have a facial and we have bought vouchers to do a glass bead making workshop together.

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@Bellatrix Oooh, that sounds unique and fun! I hope y’all have a great time.

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I’m a daughter, but my mom and I make jewelry together. We shop, of course. One of the new things that we do is watch Lifetime movies…It is a little sappy, but it is a women’s network and we are both women, so we have so much to converse about as the plot thickens.

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I don’t spend a lot of time with my mom, because she’s usually really busy with school, and work.
But when we do get to hang out we go for long drives, and get ice cream. We go shopping. We have gotten our nails done, but we weren’t really into it.
We usually stay home, and watch a movie. Order pizza.
Sometimes I’ll take her to my favorite places, like the lake my best friend and I went to, before he moved away. And the river WAY out of town is our favorite camping place. We found it last year, and we go there all the time now.
There is plenty of walking space in the fields, and trails behind our home. I take her back there, to another one of my favorite places sometimes. We do most of our mother/daughter time outside, or in a restaurant. We like food, and walking around. Hah.

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My favorite ‘special’ thing to do with my girls is have an arts and crafts day. We get a bunch of stuff from the craft store and paint to our hearts content, all dang day. Of course, we also shop (going summer clothes shopping with them this Saturday, in fact), and we’ve gotten our nails done once or twice. Every now and again, we watch a movie together (at home), which is nice, too.

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Love all these answers!

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Take her and all her friends to the grocery store!

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