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Is my aversion to sharing drinks weird?

Asked by XOIIO (18325points) June 1st, 2012

Alright, so in every day life if someone wants to share a drink my brain says “FUCK NO“and I never do. The weird thing is, even if I am dating someone, and doing all the regular stuff like kissing/making out, I’m totally fine with that, but still can’t share drinks. Whats up with that?

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When you are making out, you are getting pleasure and the other person’s germs. When you share a drink all you get is the other person’s germs and no pleasure.

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It is weird to me. But I also try to get as many foreign things in my body so I don’t get sick. I barely ever get sick, the last time was years ago.

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And I just ate pizza that has been on my desk for over 12 hours. I will bet someone a hundred bucks I don’t get sick from it.

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Well…yeah. Hic.

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i before e except after c

At your age, my friends and I shared gum.
If it isn’t your thing, politely tell your GF that you aren’t into sharing your food.

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@SpatzieLover Hasn’t been an issue yet with this one, the other one she didn’t understand lol. I’ll share food, not utensils XD

Both of them are totally fine with drinking out of things I have though. Seems odd to me.

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Overly cautious, perhaps, but not weird. Unless you feel like that about alcoholic drinks too. Then, it’s weird.

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@Sunny2 I actually don’t drink. I don’t know why I do it, it’s not being afraid of germs or anything, it’s just wierd to me.

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Well, you’re the only one that’s important in this case. If you feel weird, perhaps you are. Only you would know. Or care.
Ionly asked about the alcohol because of it’s disinfective properties.

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I know other people who feel similarly. I don’t like to share drinks or food either, although I do it under social pressure. Maybe people in third world countries where they share food from a communal pot and use their hands for utensils have more immunities that I do, but I’ll take access to medical care over that form of building immunity. Life expectancy among the medically insured in the US is much higher than that of Tibetans.

So go ahead and enjoy your refusal to share drinks, even with people you plan to kiss. You’ll probably live longer.

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I don’t think it’s weird. I don’t like sharing my drinks either, but I think that’s because I worry that their backwash is going into my drink and that’s just… gross. I’ll share with my husband, but no one else. Not even my kids, usually.

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Yes it is weird to me. It is all in your mind.
Have you ever had a dog lick your ice cream cone and you just don’t care?
Do you have any idea how many germ you actually pick up by other means?
Would you kiss a cute babies bottom or your sweethearts bottom or your grandma’s bottom? If you thought there was a difference on those selections, then it is all in your mind!!
case closed

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@blueiiznh EW to all of those. (O)_(O)

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