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24 fans, can you help with a possible loophole question on the now defunct show?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27824points) June 2nd, 2012

[ 24 tv show SPOILER ALERT! ]

I just recently started watching 24 in Netflix and I’m on the second season about 5 episodes in. ( I think )

I can’t seem to enjoy continue watching because this possible “big loophole” keeps bugging me. Right after Tony Almeida went out the room to check on Mr. Warner’s supposed CIA connection and a CTU agent accompanied Reza to his office to get some business data from the company computer…why is it that no one seemed to have called the CIA and ask about those money forwarded to the terrorist-?

Mr. Warner said his company was being used as a conduit by the CIA but after about 2 hours in, Tony was telling this female agent he is starting to think Mr. Warner could be telling the truth. He should have verified that with the CIA, much, much earlier, if it was to be believable.

Did I miss something-? Is it because I have been watching non-stop for hours at this point-? ( kidding ) Hope someone could help!

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I have seen all the episodes of it but have a horrible memory so I don’t remember that incident.

But if holes in the plot bug you then 24 is is the wrong show to watch. As each season goes on it gets worse and worse.

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It does? Shoot. I’ll go back to Battlestar Galactica then.

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I enjoyed it so if you can get past them driving 100 miles in 9 minutes keep on watching.

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And they never ever have to go to the bathroom…

That said, I loved the show, too. Just have to suspend your disbelief and enjoy the action.

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@augustlan That female agent Jayme did go into the bathroom in the first season. But only to send traitorous texts messages to the bad guys. Lol.

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If thats all that bothers you then keep on watching. How many times can someone be shot at and never get a scratch? Evidently Jack can indefinitely :)

Its the type of show where you really have to be willing to suspend disbelief in huge proportions or just don’t aggravate yourself with it.

I found the daughters constant overacting far more annoying than anything else.

Also, if you want a good laugh, South Park did an excellent parody of the show, ticking time clock and all. Cant remember the specific name of the episode, but it was brilliant.

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And.. they never eat. Jack gets beat, tortured, and is supposedly near death, and comes back to L.A. just fine, all within 24 hours. But I loved it.

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@Buttonstc Will have to look for that South Park parody in Hulu. Thanks!

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