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Is there an adhesive material I can print high quality artwork on?

Asked by DrewJ (436points) June 4th, 2012

I sell acrylic display cases like the ones that can be seen here:

I would like to start offering cases with backgrounds. As seen here:

I have some artwork I would like to attach to the back of my cases. I need to be able to attach it well so that it is strong and looks professional – I prefer to stay away from glue and tape if I can.

I am wondering if there is a material I can print on that will stick to the back of the acrylic case.

Since I am sticking the material to the outside back of the case and the case is facing inward, I would need the adhesive side and the printed side to be the same side. In other words, I would need to PRINT ON THE STICKY.

Does anyone know of a solution for what I am trying to accomplish. Added a background should be a permanent thing if possible.

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You might try a fusible-web product. These are heat-set products designed for fabrics but they can be applied to paper. Success will be dependent on whether the ink smudges or if the web fuses to the acrylic without melting.

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I know what you are saying, but I wouldn’t know the name of such thing. I would go to a professional print shop/sign shop/photo shop and ask them. This kind of thing is done, and I would think one of those types of stores would know.

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You can buy adhesive backed printer paper at Staple’s or Office Depot or any place like that. They would probably just have 81/2” by 11” in white. If you need differently sizes or more variety you might have to look online; this site carries different types.

You said you wanted to print on it. I that what you’re looking for? Something that you can run through an ink jet or laser printer?

Oop! Sorry! I think I misunderstood! Even though you said it in BIG CAPS. You need to print on the sticky side?

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Im thinking about cling ons…not the type in Star Trek…but the kind you have printed at some place like kinko’s or on line at Upriniting… from small to really large…clear and can be customer sized too.

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A quick google search came up with self-adhesive front-printing backlit film.

I’d imagine an opaque and permanent alternative probably exists?

Though if you’re not absolutely set against using glue, I’m thinking silicone glue would do in a pinch.

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If the products you find are too costly, how about doing something with a clear contact paper, which comes in big size rolls, so it can be cut to size.

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