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Do you code on white or black?

Asked by Breefield (2733points) May 29th, 2008

Black or White
Or maybe some other gnarly color that I’m sure is burning out your retinas.

I’m asking because I’ve coded on a white background for 3 years, and now I’m switching to black. I’m not sure why I like it more, but I just do. It also helps me differentiate my coding window from my browser in expose for faster switching :p

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I used to do it in white too, and I am definitely liking the change to black. makes my code stand out more and well it saves some battery use :P

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It makes me feel like my code is “special” or something, like I’m writing it in Unix, as if I were doing RoR and I was hipper than PHP will ever be :p

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Black. Your exactly right breefield black makes it feel like something “special” and makes you feel cool doing it. Plus i think its easier to stare at a black screen rather than a white when im trying to code something.

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@Breefield: PHP can never be hip. Thanks to you chaps I’m going to try this black background craze for myself.

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I code on white I’ll have to try black sometime

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@iTony – depends if you’re on a plasma or LCD screen… a common myth…

When compared with an LCD display, a plasma is actually more efficient for some material, especially films and other “darker” content. In its rest state, a plasma pixel is off, appearing black, and requires little or no power. Pixels on an LCD display work differently; the panel’s back-light is constantly kept on, drawing power, even when much of the screen’s pixels are black.

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The images 404 for me, but I code on a white background. In very hip PHP. Yes, it’s possible ;-)

I really hate working on a black background, if (I don’t do it that often, but if) I work in a terminal I even do it on a white or semi-transparent background. I find those far easier on the eye than black.

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White… but now that you put the idea in my head, black does have that suave-sort-of feel to it.. I might have to change over to black.

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I code on white, but this whole coding on black idea sounds intriguing. I’ll have to try it sometime.

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Well, one thing’s for sure: without syntax highlighting, it all sucks :)
(Perhaps that’s the reason I don’t like coding on black – I’m used to white on black. Perhaps I’ll have to give coding on black a try because it’ll probably look good with a pretty font…)

Oh, by the way, you mean White I presume ;-)

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Oh my goodness, screw me and my effin photo linkage abilities.

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Green on black, baby, ‘cause there’s no school like the old school.

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I’ve tried using a black background yesterday, and… I didn’t quite like it. Ah well, it was nice to try ;-)

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black, definitely black, and I blame my newfound need for glasses to staring at white screens too long.

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Ugh, late response, I’ve been away for the weekend. And I use a dark grey, the dark grey in the tango colour scheme (see: Tango) which is pretty awesome, I also use a similar colour scheme in Visual Studio.

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Once you go black you never go back. For me its purely for ease on the eyes though occasionally I’ll invert to white for a few days just to keep things different.

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i set the bgColor gray in dreamweaver, or some other dark color, i can take the white bg cos its too harmful to my eyes,

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I use the Monokai theme in Textmate and have ported the same to the shell. I could immediately feel the difference in the “eye-strain” department when I changed it over.

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@yetanother, that’s a nice scheme. Right now I use the Blackboard theme but with the background set to black (its default is a dark blue or grey I think). I just tried the Monokai theme with a full black background and I think I’m going to keep it for a while.

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OMG thank you for finding Monokai for me again. I’ve been looking for that website forever. I found it oh…3 years ago in 8th grade and lost it since, and you found it for me! Yay!

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Wow, that looks very nice. I’m going to look for colour profiles for Bluefish :)

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Ok Vincentt that is a nice Bluefish editor you have there, what else have you changed or is it just your theme? I might try and use Bluefish, at the moment I just use Gedit hehe.

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@Skyrail – well, I’m using the development version (if you’re using Ubuntu or Debian, there’s a repository so you can just easily install that) but not too much is changed there. I only changed the colour theme and messed a bit with the preferences, but it’s pretty much default.

Gedit can be quite nice too when using a few plugins, but I still prefer Bluefish, if only for its speed :)

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Ah okay, I’ll be sure to check it out, when you said you changed the colour theme did you do it manually or did you find the one you’re using online? Because your theme is pretty nice on the eyes and cool :)

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I ported the Monokai one to Bluefish, if you want it you can send me a personal message :)

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I use vim with a customized version of the “darkblue” color scheme, which gives me a dark blue background (not too different from the background of the pages) and syntax-colored text. It’s very old-school, but vim is amazingly expandable and configurable and there are versions for every OS you are likely to use.

(With all due respect to those who use emacs: I don’t want to start an editor war on Fluther.)

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White when in daylight/roomlight (at work), and black at home (always dark room, heheh).

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