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If you could get one or two reasonably priced comics signed by Stan Lee what would you have signed.

Asked by Unclepepsi (900points) June 5th, 2012

My friend and I have a chance to meet the legend. My friend has no comics and wants to buy a few for Stan to sign, he does not want to spend a lot though. Any suggestions?

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Frankly, the old ones are probably the best to get signed and those tend to be pricey.

However, a cheaper classic is the Secret Wars series. The trouble is finding them…

Otherwise, any Marvel comic that he likes is perfectly fine.

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The cheapest one I can think of that would still be cool would be to pick up a hardbound Marvel Encyclopedia. I think they run 20–25 bucks. I can’t think of anything cool that would be that cheap.

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Depends on how much your friend is willing to spend. While I agree with @King_Pariah that the coolest (and ultimately most valuable) would be a really old comic, the best thing would probably be to buy a hardbound anthology and have him sign that. Hardback books last a wee bit longer than other types of printed materials.

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Have him buy two of the hardbound books (Iron man!), then he can sell one afterwards.
He will have doubled his money (at least) and still have one.

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My Essential Iron Man trade paperback, just because it’s delightfully old skool.

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