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Which of your toys were broken when you were a child that took a while to get over?

Asked by ucme (45420points) June 8th, 2012

Sure they can be replaced, or maybe even mended, but that’s not the point. Something got broken & it left you visibly shaken with rage, sadness or even remorse if the toy was destroyed by yourself, perhaps by accident.

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My brother bought me some Vietnamese dolls when he was there in the ‘60’s. My sister took one and dressed her like Juliet for her English Lit class. She promised me she would put her traditional clothes back on but she never did. I think they were sewn on her. I am 50 years old and still a little pissed about it.

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Chatty Cathy. It was a doll that talked when you pulled the string. I got it for Christmas one year and my brother (the one that stuffed me in the clothes hamper) pulled her head off within two hours of me getting her to see what made her talk. It never worked again. I am still a lot pissed after all these years too. <picking phone up to call him now>

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My teddy bear was actually one that belonged to my mom first so it pre worn, to say the least. Some stitches deteriorated along his back and under an arm so I figured my mom would mend him with like colored thread but instead she put on some brightly colored strips of “hippie” fabric for patches and I felt my bear had been botched. It’s funny you posted this because I really did go into a rage even though I was only about 6 or 7. I still have the bear in an old camelback trunk, the hideous patches removed and the holes left open.

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No toys I can think of but…when I was 11 someone stole my puppy! Yep, right out of the yard and took her doghouse, and dishes too! Unbelievably evil! What kind of person steals a little girls puppy! I was devastated!

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Aww @Coloma, is that what your folks made you think happened to it?

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@Neizvestnaya, it really happened, my mother was so distraught, she was trying to distract me from going outside that morning, but, it was inevitable. haha

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You know I’m pulling your leg.~

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I had a shelf full of ceramic figurines that I had made throughout my childhood- there had to be 4 or 5 years worth of figurines I painted. One afternoon, when I was about 12, my new stepbrother did something that flipped the shelf off the braces and all of the figurines went flying. Some shattered, some cracked, but all were broken to some degree. My mom came and got me to let me know, but ordered me not to react. When I saw the carnage, gasped, started to say something, she dug her nails into the back of my neck to silence me. That same year, she forced me to give up 90% my books to appease her new husband’s distaste for the number of books I owned, even though I still read them over and over. I had been an only child and my books were my “friends.”

I still remember those moments vividly but don’t “feel” them anymore. What happened, instead, is that in my adult life I developed a huge aversion to getting rid of my books… I’m an unrepentant borderline book-hoarder!

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One I recall is on boxing day, I was playing with these boxing figures, whenever one guy punched the other square on the jaw 21 times he was declared the winner by knockout.
Played with spring loaded triggers, I loved that toy. Anyway yeah, my mother got in the way of the tv whilst I was watching a movie, about grizzly bears as it happens, this annoyed me & I threw one of the figures to the floor, snapping him.
Self inflicted misery ensued, the fact I can remember this shows how deep the scars go :¬(

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@chyna I think little boys have a habit of doing this. I remember that my little brother ripped the head off every one of my Barbies and hid them. I was hysterical that day.

Pay no mind to the fact that I accidentally set him on fire, once. I swear, it was an accident!

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As I had 4 sisters and a brother I learned young not to get attached to anything.

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I grew up with three older brothers so there’s a lot to grieve over :/
The biggest blow came when my brother broke my tricycle. I remember the devastation like it was yesterday.

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Roller-skating was big when I was growing up. A friend that lived up the street passed on her pair of plastic clip-on skates to me when her parents bought her a proper pair. When one of them broke, I was devastated. We used the friend’s large basement covered with a linoleum floor as our personal rink while playing The Monkees’ records. For months, I had to sit on the sidelines and just watch.

Then on Christmas, I opened a present that contained a brand new pair of metal skates. After growing up with hand-me-down clothes and toys, it was probably the first gift that was ever given to me unused.

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Not broken, but stolen. I was five and had been bought a doll for my birthday. She was beautiful and I loved her. I was allowed to take it for show and tell but got to school late and the day’s assembly had begun. You weren’t allowed to take toys into assembly and there were no teachers about so I perched the doll on my coat hook and put my coat over it. When I came out, it was gone. I was heartbroken. I learned a few things about human behaviour and the realities of life. That people steal and people will not always care about your loss. The teachers was less than sympathetic to my loss when I reported it. I also learned that despite being upset, sometimes your parents can’t just fix things. My dad couldn’t afford to buy me a new doll. It was a big learning experience for a five year old.

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I had a stuffed toy dog- I guess he was supposed to be a German shepherd. I loved that thing; had to have him in order to go to sleep. My mom washed him!!:-( He wasn’t broken per se, but he came out with big splotches of discoloration and his little plastic eyes were all pitted…. I cried. I still loved him, though. My poor mom felt so bad!

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This is sort of funny so I can’t pretend that I was devastated over it or anything. When I was 10 years old I acquired a baby sister who I absolutely doted over! All of my babysitting money went to buying her toys and spoiling her! While she was still small enough to be in a high chair I was playing with her in the kitchen. I had a little stuffed cat toy that was made of real rabibit fur (sorry, but this was pre PETA folks) I wiggled it in front of her and made little meow sounds to show her it was a cute little kitty. She was so enthralled that she grabbed it out of my hands and before I could see what was coming she had the tail in her mouth and bit down so hard she tore it off!!! Oh my god! I din’t know what to do. I couldn’t get mad at my baby sister, but I was a little devastated. This little kitten toy, named Snowball, was the first thing I ever remember writing a poem about for chrissakes!!!

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Well, I was always a child that took a while to get over—se every one of my toys that got broken qualifies.

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For some reason, I can’t really remember any of the more important toys I had that broke. I lost more than I broke, I guess. The only one that comes to mind is this humongous yellow ball we had. My brothers and I named it Mr. Sun. One day, my older brother accidentally stabbed it with a pencil and the thing completely, instantly deflated. We were devastated.

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A common theme runs through the graveyard of broken toys, boys!
Seems like brothers, older or younger, have an instinct to destroy, particularly dollies.
I myself had no sister, & so couldn’t possibly comment…....
Cheers folks, good stuff :¬)

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Most of my stuff got lost instead of broken.

I got a 3 foot tall doll for my 5th birthday. She was wearing a cute red and white dress with strawberries – just a cheap doll, nothing fancy. The day I got it I took it to my friend’s house. Wee took the dress off to try it on ourselves, and when my friend was putting the dress back on the doll the doll’s arm popped off. I would have gotten over it sooner if my mom had let me.

I had a wagon and my older brother used it to prop up part of a car he was working on. The wheels stopped being round.

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@ucme I’m editing myself, because I got so excited when I saw what you were describing that I yelled, lol. If it’s the same toy I’m thinking of, it was Rockem Sockem Robots – they were freaking awesome and they were the only way my little brother and I were able to beat the hell out of each other.

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@laurenkem No, these were actual human boxers, based around the toy you just mentioned, but definitely not robots.
I loved them so :¬(

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@ucme Wow, those must have been cool beans, indeed! Wish I could have seen them. played with them is more like it

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@laurenkem I think they were called simply Knockout, been trying to find a pic of them somewhere on the tinterwebz, can’t seem to find one.
They were awesome though, truly.

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Wow. When I was about six I had a pretty black plastic purse. On the front of it was a clear plastic pocket and it had a flower in it. I loved that purse. Well, we were on a family road trip and “The Little Kids” (they were 3 and 4 years younger) and I got to fighting over it. It WAS MINE, after all!
Mom snapped, “Hand the purse up here!”
So I did, and kind of sneered at my sisters like “So THERE!”
To my utter shock and horror my mother rolled down the window of the car and threw the purse out.
I will NEVER forget that.

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