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What should I get for my uncle who is turning 50?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) June 9th, 2012

My uncle is turning 50 in a week and I still haven’t gotten him anything. He is the man who has everything already so to speak. I’m getting him a card and writing in it but other than that I have no clue what to get him. He has enough money to buy whatever he needs, and he doesn’t really “need” much either. He already has golf clubs, ties, sunglasses, clothing, tech stuff, so I really am confused what to get for his 50th b-day.

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Food, wine, an invitation to dine with you, a contribution to one of his charities?

Does he have hobbies? Does he putter with cars, gardens, cooking, books, movies or music?

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I’ll be 50 next year. I would like some time alone. If you’re able, you might think of something to take care of for him so he doesn’t have to bother with it. He can spend that time alone.

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You could get him a personalized football jersey of his favorite team with his name in big letters across the back with a big number 50 on the back, front and shoulders. Just order one at Cost is $139.99 but it might be worth it even if he isn’t really into football.

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I parrot @gailcalled
Gift certificates for hobbie shops, food, dining, etc.
Wines and other goodies dependent on his tastes, a massage gift certificate.
Us 50 somethings need regular massage. lol

Does he have a pet, dog/cat? People always like it when you remember their pets and give a little something for them too. :-)

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Get him a fun tee shirt.

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Subscription to Playboy, Hustler, and/or Penthouse
lots of TP
blow-up doll.

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Does he belong to a favorite golf range or country club?? If so how about a gift card to be used there. Alot of places have a pro shop that you can get one at, they make a nice gift of golf.

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Buy him a plane ticket to my yard sale next weekend. I have out great effort into creating cool guy stuff grab bags. lol

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Actually, he might enjoy spending some time with you. Why not get him event tickets or buy him a meal with yourself as his companion.

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Does he have a S/O, wife, kids?

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I think taking him out to eat would be nice. Sometimes the people with everything love personal contact most of all.

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An AARP membership.

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How about a nice bottle of wine and attach a gift card to his favorite restaurant that says, “Please enjoy your meal on me”, or something along those lines?

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Invite him clubbing with a gaggle of your friends.

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I remember I got a bottle of Geritol, some Depends and a decked out cane (rear view mirror, horn, reflective tape) it was kinda fun.

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Get him a stripper and an eight ball of cocaine. LOL

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@Only138 I was trying to have him a pleasant time for his 50th birthday not kill him, lol.

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@partyrock Then go with the stripper and skip the coke.

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Can you please post an update as to what you decide to give him, @partyrock?


The Update Lady

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@partyrock Sorry, just an idea. LOL

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@jca – I’m kinda bummed about the presents I got him, but I ended up getting him a money clip (because he doesn’t have one), some boxer briefs, socks, and T-shirts. I also bought him a funny book.

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@partyrock He could use the money clip to hold singles when he gets the stripper.

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