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How much would a vacation to Japan cost?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) May 29th, 2008

Let’s say for two weeks. In Tokyo.

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Too much for me. =(

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Insufficient detail, Mark. Airport of departure? How many nights?

Here is data point: A package (probably the way to go to get the best savings) for RT airfare Philadelphia to Tokyo plus six nights in a four star hotel is $1594 per person double occupancy. You can adjust upward for more nights and downward if you go with a three-star hotel. Add in meals, local transportation, clubbing and other entertainment. Please note prices are high in Japan. $38–86 per person for dinner at a moderate restaurant for example.

Now that stuff is on the Internet people think about doing it yourself. But for a modest fee, a travel agent will get you what you want at the best price possible and provide tons of insider information. For an exotic trip like this, it’s easier and probably cheaper than trying to book it yourself.

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Make friends with a Tokyo resident on Myspace for a free place to stay. I got a ticket last year for around $700 on Priceline. Bring at least a thousand dollars.

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10 billion dollars.

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