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What is "Thank Yourself" and "Thank @someone else" about?

Asked by Bill1939 (8689points) June 9th, 2012

I had not noticed the “Thank…” option before today. Did I just over look it, or is it something new? What happens when I thank someone other than myself? Why would I or should I want to thank myself?

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Try to thank yourself. Prepare to laugh.

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Do as @gailcalled suggested in terms of thanking yourself @Bill1939.

The “Thank….” has been there all the time I have been using Fluther. I use it to thank people who answer my questions on occasions. Sometimes I just do a blanket thank you but when I first Fluthered I used to go through the list and thank people individually.

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I’d swear that this is a recent addition to Fluther. I will thank both @gailcalled and @Bellatrix, and then myself now. I’m not sure I’ll use it in the future.

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Or do I mean try to give yourself a good answer?

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“Thank…” does not appear in the general or social catagories, only in the meta, which explains why I never saw it before today. Having figured this out, I deserve a “Thank yourself.”

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I take it back. I asked a question in the general catagory and “Thank…” appears there. Maybe it has to do with only questions asked and has nothing to do with catagory.

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It seems that “Thank…” appeared every time I asked a question. So now I know.

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It only appears when you ask a question @Bill1939. So you can thank those who respond. And of course yourself for giving a good answer too. Have you tried clicking “Thank yourself” yet?

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IIRC, you won’t see the “Thank….” link in your question, until you refresh the page or exit and reenter the thread.

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I have thanked myself. Thank you for asking. I also follow the link to Wikipedia and have been “educated” about Self-love. Thanks to all.

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Excellent @Bill1939 :-) Since we knew what happened, @gailcalled and I also share those tendencies.

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I never noticed that you could thank yourself. What are the particular circumstances you have to be in in order to have this option available?

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You ask a question @wundayatta and then make some sort of response on your own question. There is then an option to thank yourself. Each answer has the Thank… option.

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I like thanking myself.

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I thanked myself once, in the beginning of my Jellyship.
It felt a bit like having masturbated and feeling silly about it.

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I can’t lick my own arse & believe me, i’ve tried.

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I don’t like to answer my own questions. It seems unkosher somehow.

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@wundayatta But sometimes you reply to another’s answer, right? That will give you the ability to thank yourself, too.

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