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What is your retirement plan?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) June 11th, 2012

This question is not how you are saving for retirement, but rather, what do you intend to do when you retire to keep yourself from going crazy? Assume you have enough money to achieve your goal.

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I hope to be healthy and wealthy enough to travel. When I was married, we had a camper and our plan was to go all over the country in the camper. I have since decided that is way too much work and would rather travel by car or plane and stay in nice hotels.

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I hope to keep healthy enough to keep road tripping to see my spread out friend, even if someone else eventually has to do the driving. My husband and I are geared to go into a single level condo’ and to start traveling twice a year rather than once so we can get some ideas of where to spend more time once we can stay gone as long as we like.

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I don’t expect this to be a major problem.

I figure that between my IRAs, 401(k), Social Security, equity built up in my home, private savings, company pension (yeah, we still have one – we’re old school that way) and selling everything I own on eBay, I can retire within five years after I die.

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To die if I can’t afford it.

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Travel. I really have a vision for starting a commune but I’m not sure hubby is completely on board

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I am retired already, and I don’t think I’m going crazy.

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Plan or fantasy? The fantasy is not really that unrealstic really. My closest girlfriends and I love the idea of living in the same condo (not the same apartment) like the college dorm days, and being able to see each other al the time. Husband’s are still around, I am not getting rid of them or anything. I figure if it isn’t a condo in FL, then cottages on a large property sounds really nice to me (that is much less realistic though). If is sort of a commune idea, like @Judi mentions, people taking turns cooking dinner a couple times a month, people who love to garden can tend to that (I would love a vegetable garden) but nothing really strenuous. Mostly, it would be about the comradery. If it is the cottage idea there would be a main hall, like a rec center, with a pool and the communal dinners served there. We could rent the space out for weddings and other parties to pay for maintenance of the building.

Whether all that happens or not, the main gig is traveling with my husband. If he is still racing (he races cars for fun) that will continue to be part of our travels, I would love to do a really long cruise and see many places when he first retires, maybe 30–60 days, or rent a villa somewhere for a couple months. But, probably eventually settle into a routine. I also think it would be nice to have a business with my husband in retirement that can be turned off and on at whim, and we can work on it together and make a little extra cash. My dad does that with buying and selling used books. Not sure what we would do.

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@JLeslie have you been reading my mail?

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Eat our way across the country, following the restaurant tips from the TV show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”. We’d travel by RV, I think, so we’d always be at ‘home’.

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I’m playing the lottery. It can work.

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@Judi Check out this question. Maybe you have been reading mine. LOL.

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Naked golf & lots of beer feature heavily.

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To write and travel. Also to hang out in various artist colonies and yoga places.

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@augustlan You stole my answer! I’ve been watching “Triple D” since it started, and I lurve me some Guy Fieri! In an ideal world, I would cruise around going to all the restaurants he hits, eating all the amazing food. It’s so great watching how cooks in different parts of the country prepare similar ingredients.

I’m always hungry after that show comes on!

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100–1 odds
Move to a villa in Italy and travel all around Europe.

2–1 odds
Die of a heart attack at work leaving behind oodles of debt.

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